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What is said

What an incredible, powerful, thoughtful, insightful and emotional podcast. It all came together so to speak, I listened to it twice and caught a glimpse of something new each time.

Great article.

I love this site which awakens me, awakens curiosity, awakens spirituality but also awakens the daily life.

Curiosity because there is a lot to taste and savor (for the soul and the everyday) it really makes you want to explore, all these reflections.

Spirituality because everything is spiritual on this web site ; the design (space unknown beyond), the themes (meditations, life and others) , the daily pains and questions like on the time to devote to these times of awakening and spirituality, meditation. The more you explore this web site, the more you will find something to think about and act on.

He becomes a good friend, a real supporter of everyday life!

Thank you !

Another great article from Lifexploratrice.

Thanks for the english version.

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