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Links of the week

Updated: May 17, 2022

Series :

Earth Girl Arjuna

I remember how much this series spoke to me. From beginning to end it was great. I discovered it last summer in a permaculture Facebook group. The anime, directed by Shoji Kawamori, explores a variety of awarenesses (nature, environment, notions of right and wrong). We follow 2 characters through their realizations and their sensibility. If you pay attention, you will find sparks of consciousness in each episode.

During my internship in the Cevennes eco-place I began to realize what was meant by "food becomes you", the connection we have in the physical world with all things.

I have eaten something and felt it to be me. The interconnection, their link, their non-duality.

This animation tells you the spiritual path. The opening of the subtle senses. You will find the bases of the Indian spiritual teaching (in particular references of the text of the Baghavad-Gitâ).

I had watched it in a particular context.

I was giving way to the subtle senses. I was fasting and meditating regularly.

Perhaps this influenced the way this series came across to me.

Inner worlds, outer worlds (documentary)

If you like informative documentaries I recommend this one. It allows you to make the bias between the intellectual, rational, cultural system of thought with a different perception of the world. I would recommend it for people who are beginning or have recently become interested in internal exploration, in the subtle senses. It opens up other perspectives and approaches to the world. I would not necessarily recommend it if you are in advanced internal exploration, that is, if you have established a foundation for exploring these parts of the world independently. In that case, you just have to practice and realize these things on your own.

Reminder: if you like this format, you will probably like the Tistrya documentaries. They are already less science-oriented, more evidence-based. They present this knowledge through testimonies of personal paths. Watching them can motivate you, open you up to new possibilities and a new understanding of the world.

However, I would like to point out the limitation of these contents: these sources allow you to plant seeds, to open your visions but they do not offer you the experience of their realization.

Little by little your attention and your understanding of things will sharpen.

Your clairvoyance will blossom.

The source is within you and not outside.

A deep desire and love will surface.

This one will call you to return to your inner self.

Where all knowledge, wisdom, and more resides.

To finish in this category, I will always recommend the movie Waking Life (with its limits of awareness).

I had also done a podcast Who would you like to be? in which I had mentioned a series. I found the name of the show, it's Tatami Galaxy. Here it is ;)

(only the ending is epic. I'll send you the reference if and only if you'd like to watch it).

I regularly update the Lifexploratrice Youtube channel and in addition to the main videos you will find the Playlists section, where you can explore musical, spiritual (mantras, teachers, practices etc) and other references.


The Power of the Present Moment by Eckhart Tolle: an introduction to Self exploration. This is very close to the essence of yoga. Although it could go much further in the nuances (read Nisargadatta Maharaj's I AM THAT, you will find the essence of spiritual teachings. Add to that reconnection practices and habits of self love, love for others. You are well equipped.) If at any point you lose sight of the essence of your daily practice, this book can serve as a reminder.

Return to the essential.

Play, lightness, seweetness, Love, subtle joy, freedom and deep peace for all.

The Book of Secrets: Muy bien (except for the intro which opposes Tantrism and Yoga).

All teachings, perceptions are interesting.

They complete each other according to our resonnance.

See how all teachings are One.

You will discover one of my favorite techniques; meditation in action (I'll call it that), that is to say, paying attention to one's breathing and melting into the sensations of the Being at any moment of the day (even in dreams, but we'll talk about that another time).

Contrary to what you might think, from the cover page; there is very little mention of gender. This subject is nevertheless taken into account.

If you are interested, I could share with you the link between sex and (spiritual) self-exploration in a future article.

Be Here and Now by Ram Dass: meditative it also brings relevant angles. I'm thinking in particular about the belief that the present moment means doing nothing, being passive, unconscious etc.

By practicing you will quickly realize that this does not correspond to what we mean by present moment.

The present moment means being lucid, in full consciousness.

It implies another approach to the world, not mental but experiential.

The book is artistic, we follow the story and the lessons learned by this Yogi (relationship to food, love, children, Guru...).

It helped me to understand the phenomenon of psychosis that can occur when having deep realizations (I will come back on this subject another time if it speaks to some people. Otherwise I'm not sure if I should address it. It concerns specific cases of realizations).

I had planned to give you more references but I think these will suffice for this week.

I wish you wonderful readings and spiritual practices,

Beautiful discoveries to you,

Peace, love, joy, harmony in your being and beyond, to the Earth, animals, plants, insects, objects, and souls of the whole world and invisible worlds.

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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