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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Series, personnel development, art

Serie The Goop Lap : Moderns tools to explore yourself

After several months cut off from the world of consumption.

I allowed myself to dive back into series.

I watched all kinds of them.

On the way I came across The Goop Lap.

A mega-rich company director decides to subsidize her employees to test new age techniques of personal development, self-exploration and alternative medicine.

You won't find a great artistic visual, nor a very developed content (it's quite superficial, and filmed like a reality show) but let's say that it's an introduction to modern techniques. It's up to you if you want to learn more about one of them, or try some.

Each episode has a new approach:

Episode 1: uses of psychedelics in therapeutic form

Episode 2: Wim Hof's breathing technique for various purposes/intentions such as immune system control, emotional management, self-exploration etc.

Episode 3: female orgasm - insecurities, stereotypes, beliefs

Episode 4: nutrition

Episode 5: energy healing

Episode 6: subtle gifts, sensitivity

I have great respect for the use of psychedelics to explore, to discover wisdoms outside of rationality.

I don't feel any particular attraction to using them as a tool for expansion but I admire their potential.

I admit that life is quite trippy for now.

I was already familiar with the Wim Hof method (let's just say that presented this way I consider taking cold showers again).

As for the female orgasm and nutrition, these are not deep enough subjects to attract my enthusiasm. They are seen and seen again in the news of our time.

I am quite sensitive to all that is energetic.

In an intuitive way more than in theoretical knowledge.

Also concerning the subtle gifts. However, I had never seen someone handling energy through a body. WAW. That's amazing!

Now let's move on to introspection through observation.

Are we alone, lost ?

It's ok and quite common to feel overwhelmed.

In a very educational way, the video illustrates the logic behind our reactions, our defense mechanisms.

It is about taming our fears, our doubts, our emotions to learn more about ourselves.

No magic formula. Only the recognition of a process and points to be clarified.

Speaking of process, what follows is a fragment of it to the power of 1000.

Spiritual teacher of the moment

Actual spiritual crush (yes yes CRUSH. Meaning that it is not an end by itself. Spiritual teachings and teachers come and go.

I always come back to exploring the real by my own observations. Which is much more exciting.

Yet, from time to time, I enjoy letting myself be guided. Especially when motivation is low and negative thoughts take over.

I use the books and Youtube videos as reminders if needed.

On the other hand, it is not so much the teaching that interests me here (I am already familiar with it) but the energy of Bentinho.

I am not referring to the energy as it is taught in school.

It is called Shakti in Hindu spirituality.

It is spiritual energy.

Some people have more of it than others.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

I'm not very interested in conceptualizing it that way.

Again, it's intuitive.

Let's just say that I am immediately captured, I relax, serene and at peace, I dive into a meditative "state" when I hear or read it.

Finally, here is a link to mini-videos (free viewing) on spiritual and personal development topics (techniques, documentaries).

I hope you like all these references.

See you next time


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