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To take your practice even further, or to establish your own personal practice on a daily basis, you'll find audios of meditations, sound baths, guided relaxations, PDFs of tips for dealing with aches and pains and adapting asanas (postures), as well as an online Serenity program of practice videos to watch as much as you like (the latter will be online by August 2024, and maybe in English).

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Special 6-minute guided relaxation to download for unlimited use by clicking on the image below.

Your review:

"I couln't stop myself from listening to it with my headphone in the middle of an work open space, it felt so good."

2 PDF :

1. 4 tips for continuing to practice even with intense wrist pain (1 page).

2. How to practice Pashimottasana posture with a back prone to discomfort (1 page).


Receive both PDFs by e-mail.

Price: 7 euros (transactional paypal fee included)

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