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Do you really think that Yoga for the weak ?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Really ? Is that so ?

So I guess you are so much strong that you do not see the point of exploring yourself and question reality…. but are you strong or afraid to ask yourself questions ? To go deep into your being ? Question your assurance about reality ?

Are you afraid to discover the possibility that all you know or think about yourself and the world isn't that so ? Because, when you say Yoga is for the weak, you basically say, I am too strong, too good, too happy I do not need to question things.

Yet, if you were that strong why do you seem afraid of this exploration? Why would you not be completely at ease sitting alone, in a calm place during 1 hour, maybe 10 hours ?

Why not ?

Are you not strong enough ?

Does strong mean that YOU KNOW ?

Really ?

Who knows what ? About what ? Who is saying I know ?

In this article I am going to test you and check how strong you are :

Are you at ease, comfortable with all these scenarios ? (rate your comfort between 1 to 10 for each phrase)

You no longer want to learn new knowledge, but want and find immense satisfaction in unlearning.

Are you strong enough to :

Perceive that all is your responsibility.

To not reject faults on others, to not make up your life around circumstances, other's stories ? Accept that all Is because you are ?

No you => no world.

To install a discipline – as if there is not enough of it. To be strong enough to see the value of discipline for self-discovery, love.

To be opened to a lot of new concepts and evolution of thought.

To desir to realize limitless love, joy, peace, freedom, independent of circumstances.

To be willing to try. Which in other words means, to be willing to fail, and more than once.

To go down deep, and relearn everything. Making basic mistakes that you already did younger, but with more awareness. To rediscover and ask yourself new questions.

To take the risk to change and not be accepted and judged by other people, close friends, family…

To be depressed about what is perceived right now of reality and to accept any change for the better or worse. Through action.

To look, and observe your thoughts and stay with them no matter what.

To accept testing extremes consciously for you to find the right equilibrium, the middle way.

To accept total death and discover life as a gift for you to explore, play, discover, chill.

To act on your values, intuition. And not just talk and debate about them.

To be crazy enough to accept that you are not a body, face, thoughts, what is seen, heard, touched, and smelled.

To want to look closer at your suffering and cry, laugh, without a reason.

To accept to be lost (not knowing) and act on it.

Are you strong enough to desire exploring reality, questioning it ? Going deep and seeing all from this perspective ?

You can share your results on the comments if you like.

See you

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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