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Do you know what your limiting beliefs are?

Updated: May 17, 2022

In coaching and personal development, we become concsious of the many beliefs about ourselves and the world that restrict our field of action on a daily basis.

We can become aware of some of these beliefs alone or with the help of a coach.

However, in Yoga, we take this observation even further.

We do not stop at identifying some of them.

We dig even deeper.

We investigate and observe the beliefs we hold about all aspects of life, even those we would not question on principle.

Then we explore the very basis of their existence, i.e. how are they nourished? Do my existence and that of the world depend on them? Who am I, if beliefs are thought? Who thinks?

And let us pay attention to the terms used here: investigate, explore, observe...

It is not a question of philosophizing in the French way, if I may say so, that is to say, of intellectualizing, of absorbing oneself in thoughts, of turning them in all directions...

No, Yoga is: to verify, to observe, in one's experience.

That is the magic of this approach, all its pragmatism and lucidity.

Thus, the next point in the list of lessons encountered in project creation corresponds to the identification of limiting beliefs on the notion of money, success, possibility etc.

This is a subject that we address and work on in the Lifexploratrice program created around personal development and success.

If you are interested, below is the link to the presentation page in question:

I coach to open up new perspectives, to renew oneself, to act, to create.

With a precise objective, I focus on impacting issues, I show you where you lose energy, I give you my tools and my analytical capacity so that you can become aware and act.

Honestly the term coach does not really speak to me, I am not here to train you, to build you into something you aspire to. I am here to offer you efficient tools, to suggest and guide you.

I bring my understanding of things, all our life we have tried to be something, we have tested different masks and personality traits.

It is now time to ask ourselves who are we really? What is my potential? How can I live by being fully who I am?

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- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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