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What is the meaning of my life?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Re-existential question.

Little introduction music:

What is observed

A perpetual rebirth. I know fucking nothing. Nothing that I can affirm as certainty. I am unable to say (in a professorial tone): so life is this, your goal is this, to reach it you have to do this, this is good, this is not good, you like this, but not that, there you are good, there it's hot night.

I am.

And I could be okay with that. Like when you haven't had the mass of conditioning and thoughts that you've taken on. You're just living whatever it takes.

I don't remember at 4 years old asking myself: why am I here and what am I supposed to do?

When I hear statements I panic. Critical thinking is not. Only the realization that I don't have such things.

-I don't look for them either. They caress me like the wind but are not who I am.

Badaboum, distraction and self-judgment I choose. Yay, the fucking drug sugar implemented everywhere in the food. Yay, the shows*, the music* while I walk. And more subtly, the streams of words, the self judgment, the discomfort everywhere,...

* cool except when I intend to distract myself via these creations ;)

-Note: you see in itself nothing has changed, along with these thoughts, the world is. Neither bad nor good. I confess that I am tempted to say "extraordinary, the fact that life is" all the same ;)

It's up to me to switch this vision. There is no one more true than the other (some people -I don't remember the names- say that a true perception exists without distortion on your part). Well i did not experience it for now.


As I write this article, I am moving on and taking two seconds to reconnect with the love I have for people, how much I love them no matter what, that everything about them is a source of joy, exchange, connection, sharing, discovery, listening, affection and mutual development. That I forgive them for what they do not forgive themselves for.

So this is what I will be able to say to these people, to those I will meet, and also to myself.

I accept you. You can be without pretending.

I respect you.

You are the best at being yourself.

You are.

You can refuse and ask. You can give. You can receive.

You can open up. You can change.

You are welcome.

Either way, thank you.

To go further

Another thing I procrastinate on

- reread: I AM That by Nisargadatta Maharaj

- take up the 30 days challenges (I'd like to tell you more about it but it's a product so I don't dare).

Everything is OK,



- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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