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Links of the week

Updated: May 18, 2022

It is my pleasure to share discoveries and sources of content with you. Although research is internal, it is always nice to maintain knowledge, motivation and culture from different perspectives.


ImagoTV is a platform listing documentaries, short films, podcasts to view and listen for free. The topics covered include the ecological transition, economic issues, awareness issues, alternatives and more.

One of the short films recorded on ImagoTV:

Did this video speak to you?

I talk about this perspective in the blog. Especially in the early posts.

If you come away a little sad. Tell yourself that it is a perception. *We can think that each thing has a part of """"truth"""" and of """"lies"""". Or, another way to see it is to watch this short film as it is. Without necessarily expressing an opinion about it and without necessarily associating an emotion (thought) to it. It is up to me if this one is spontaneous (but observe well what happens in your brain, and ask yourself if a thought did not create the emotion. If yes, who creates the thought, or rather, who chooses to consider it? In this case, is it ""true""? Is it representative of what is?)

I hope I haven't lost you.

Recently I watched the documentary Human on the platform.

My vision of the doc: It presents various emotions experienced around the world.

Find all the films on the site.


It is a coaching and sources to guide you in your choice of impact career. The advice was developed by students and "young" professionals. The latter have conducted a 5 year research with Oxford to identify the current pressing issues. All of this is made available to you for free (via email).

I should point out that you have to understand written English anyway =)

This week, I received a decision support diagram and a list of job offers in the world. There are issues related to AI (Artificial Intelligence), altruism, nature**, poverty, inequality and animal causes among others.

Youtube channel Exurb1a

A little depression in sight? This channel is just excellent and full of humor. I invite you to have a look at it.

Ps: it seems to me that the subtitles are only available in English. Well, what better way to progress? <3

I watched the video as I was shocked at my lack of knowledge about life. Not that I have gained any since. But I'm ok with that fact and use it to keep wanting to learn, discover, and experience.

I hope these sources have piqued your curiosity.

I have more to share with you, don't worry.

Thank you

To go further:

* beyond the concepts of false and true what I am expressing here is the meaning of relativity.- Reflection: from the moment I consider opinions to be subjective no matter what and, thus, constructed by thoughts, it is then not possible for me to see what Is.

** reflection: what is nature to you? <3

Indeed, the moment you define something as nature you imply that something else is not. I'll leave you with that.

Ps: I should point out that I don't have an answer to the question. (Nor to anything at all- as us').

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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