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I want to live differently

Updated: May 17, 2022

A rant

Tomorrow I will die.

Expressed like that, it's easier to stay aware of death. Oulala I'm tackling a hot topic of night from the beginning of the blog.

So I'll start again.

Tomorrow I will die. This fact is ok. First of all because it's tomorrow (tomorrow is the future here). In itself it is worrying about something that is not actually there. On the other hand because death is a concept. I know the term and what it means more or less. I have been able to react to what is determined as such but I have never experienced it. I have. I haven't died and come back to life yet. So I don't really know what I'm talking about.

On the other hand, it seems interesting to dwell on the notion and to integrate it in one's daily life, in English I would use the term "embodiement", in order to become aware of life. In order to Be (in consciousness, because certainly, you are already). You will say to me: "It is good it does not remain any more that it leaves: "To benefit from each moment as if it were the last patati patata". YES. The thing with this sentence is that it can be interpreted in a thousand ways depending on your needs, your desires, your culture and so on.

Ok, well. What do I want to share today? The current perception of work that doesn't go creamy on the toast. You know that word "tripalium", from the Latin word tripalium= apparatus made of three stakes, used to shoe or treat animals, or as a torture instrument to punish slaves. Work means the physical or intellectual effort that must be made to do something or to obtain a desired result "*.

FLASHBACK VIOUUUU (voyage spatio-temporel)

FLASH BACK: When I was 14 years old at school: "It's time to think about what you want to do for a living". For this I had as information:

- Knowledge from the family, and knowledge from the family of friends.

- An internet form on the site L'Etudiant. With the expected salary and the profile corresponding to each job.

-The judgments I had of Marie. These, in part, were based on those of others and on beliefs.

The projection. That's good too. But with what elements does it come alive?

MM I'm struggling to choose my profession.

COME BACK NOW (present): Isn't there a bins? No, seriously. Isn't there a step missing here? Doesn't it take a lot of self-knowledge to know what you want to do? So work is what will translate my life? Is that the meaning of my life? Shit, I have no idea which profile I fit.

FLASHBACK VIOUUUU (voyage spatio-temporel)

RE- FLASH BACK (tkt I put fuel in the ship we can do this for a long time) So, if I understand correctly (because we are given it as truth. You don't want to be out of work. Period.) I will work because :

I have to survive. To earn money. A lot in the ideal. Wait. What but what will I do with all this money? Oh yes, in a series I saw a super stylish loft of the death that kills it would be cool to live there. The same goes for the clothes, they're really nice. In magazines, novels and everything there was a sense of coolness that came out. A life of perfect style.

I had to do something that fit me. We're in agreement. It starts with a good intention. How do you do it when you don't know who you are? When you're being taught, with a standardized method, the same program as everyone else despite your diverse or undiscovered interests? Like "Teacher, are you sure this is the meaning of my life?

COME BACK NOW(present): Let's say that, like me, you have played the game. You accepted these beliefs, accepted that others knew what was good for you, that the grade system did indeed reflect your human abilities, and allowed you to reveal your talent to others and to yourself. Now what do we do?

Let me clarify the deal. Let me clarify the deal:

You spend your life working. Then, in exchange for it, you get a job and you earn money. Ah the famous money! No more misery! Yahou!

Yeah, shit, wait a minute:

1. I don't have the time to spend that money

2. Damn. I still haven't taken the time to figure out who I am. How do I know what's right for me? Wait. What. We said it was all about survival, money. Yeah, well, same thing. I don't know anything about my body and what it needs to be good. Oh yes, there are the patterns that my parents and the advertising industry have chosen and promote. Like three meals, or even a snack and a shower a day. Besides, the shower is not just taking the shower I need. It's putting on creams that my skin needs, applying all kinds of scents, and so on. Yeah, the look of others is what makes me happy... I would reach the perfection of life. Yes, that's it. Well, let's spend some time in there.

3. Uh. I'm still not happy. Well, phew! I don't have much time to think about it thanks to work and I'll buy another range of products tomorrow. It seems that this is what will make me happy.

Note: I may have a family project too. But the question remains the same. If I don't look into it, there is a good chance that my children will find themselves in this no sense, no life loop (well, there is hope on that side, I reassure).

4. Dead. End of this form of reality. I am dead.

Oh yeah. Cool. The meaning of life all that. The so-called survival.

As a result I don't want to make my reason for living earning money to spend it unconsciously, compulsively, to live in an environment that maintains this loop of earning and spending, and that doesn't place self-knowledge (not only intellectual, experiential too) and the ecstasy of existence at its center. The Life. This extraordinary thing that runs through you with emotions, sensations,..., indescribable. A perfect harmony. This thing that is.

I would write a text on how I wish to live: 2. I want to live differently.

A in no time then <3

Soft kiss,

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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