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How to write down one's thoughts opens up new perspectives.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Among the 5 challenges of level 6, my favorite one, with the one of "leading an ascetic's life", is to write, every day, his thoughts, emotions and strongest sensations on paper. This is what we are going to tackle today. This challenges is part of a set of challenges (level 6). The first 3 have already been shared to you in articles : 1. To live like an ascetic. 2. To realize an intermittent fasting. 3. To communicate in a benevolent, pragmatic, non-violent way. 4. To pause on paper its thoughts, emotions, felt to carry out them for what they are. 5. Meditate 2 hours a day.

Writing is a powerful tool. With it, one can develop perspective, self-analyze, contemplate, and reprogram one's beliefs. Plus, we can aknowledge its multi-tasking use, for creativity, expression, organization... During these 30 days of challenge, it is a question of writing down the most intense moments of the day, or those that have titillated us the most. By doing this, we take a step back. Our concerns take the form of words written on paper. They become less heavy, take up less space in our field of perception. They lose some of their reality, so to speak. We realize that it is one perspective among others (if you reread the notes of the past days you will easily observe it). The idea of the challenge is to see thoughts, emotions, sensations as mechanisms. We recognize them, observe them for what they are, ephemeral. They do not necessarily have as much meaning as we give them, it is simply an experience. Moreover, when we reread our sentences or paragraph, we realize that they are no longer as topical as they used to be in the moment. By writing them down, you give yourself the opportunity to move on to something else. All in all, it is a form of meditation (at least as used in this way). However, nothing equals the practice of sitting meditation. In the personal development and self-exploration coaching programs, we work together using methods, some of which I have developed myself along the way, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me or to browse the site. Post challenge, I do not use this exercise on a daily basis but when I strongly feel its usefulness. I use it to work on different aspects, whether it is in terms of emotions, beliefs, dreams at night or simply for everyday life (writing texts, ideas, to do list...). When you think about it, the ability to write is just incredible. Not to mention the tools and their diversity that allow it as well. It is just impressive. We can talk about power it seems to me. The power to create. Wonderful. With that, see you very soon. Thank you, Lifexploratrice

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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