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Do you make your decisions with confidence?

Updated: May 17, 2022

One point in the list mentioned here is the impact of meditation when we are called upon to make important decisions.

We have already discussed the importance of meditation in the article "Prioritizing Healthy Living: The Key to Life Transformation".

Among the multiple benefits it offers, practiced daily, is the development of our intuition.

The term intuition may seem very abstract to you. You use it in your discussions, but do you really know what we are talking about? Have you ever connected with it? Or was it fear? A feeling that you interpreted? A thought that you have privileged?

Intuition has nothing to do with the mind (thoughts, reflections), it is independent of all interpretations, beliefs, emotions. When you reconnect with your intuition it is like learning a new language.

And this is what meditation reveals to us. By taking a step back from thoughts we make ourselves available. This is how we discover what was always there in front of our eyes, blurred by our attention on the material (visual, sounds...), on the thoughts.

Hence the use of "exploring one's potential" through the practices of listening and observation used in Yoga.

Yoga; science of self exploration.

Meditation; the most advanced and therefore the most fundamental tool.

When we make a decision by intuition, the possibility of regret, doubt, fear is not necessary.

The decision is taken at a level of lucidity very different from what we are used to.

However, the variable of "uncertainty" is always present. It is not about vision. It is about perfectly conscious and lucid action. We do not know what it will necessarily result in, but we "know" that it is the only decision that corresponds to us, that responds to our objective intention.

Moreover, by lucid we mean the ability to observe, to act without getting caught up in the boxing match of the mind.

A decision taken with intuition does not necessarily offer the possibility to explain it. This is a challenge in terms of communication. The ideal is that our colleagues, friends and families are open and trust our decisions, even though we give more importance to our life choices, our intuition than to the looks and expectations of others. A mix of the two is ideal.

This developed faculty, optimized by meditation and all complementary techniques (asanas - postural yoga, isolation in nature etc) is highly sought after in our society. In particular by managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists.

Indeed, at a certain point in our lives we become aware of the limits of the mind. Making a decision by using pros and cons, brainstorming is not comparable to a choice taken with lucidity.

Thus, we have other faculties that offer us a more holistic vision, and this is not a secret nor is it perceived as irrational or "perched" by the greatest innovators, inventors, leaders of all times. We have beliefs and prejudices about these areas of self-exploration that close us off from exploring our potential.

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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