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Updated: May 18, 2022


If you saw me now I would be embarrassed as if you had caught me in the act. Offence in question: intimate relationship with herself*. Or more commonly expressed, "presently aware of what is".

Illustration, sensations

Yet, I am just sitting on a chair. But here I am, shivers running through my body. It feels so good to breathe. I can't believe what I'm experiencing. Excellent. Everything moves, everything lives. I am a spectator and I am part of this flow.


Not as a pleasure or a desire.

It is always there. There is no point in wanting it. It's here, now.


This week it was the theme of love, sex, and thinking about decision-making ability.

Amazing how everyone experiences their own reality. How words can be perceived differently. On the other hand, they are not necessarily meaning-making.

In fact, I see them as vehicles. They don't mean anything in themselves, they don't translate any conceptual/existential truth. They are like the wind that creeps in and makes the leaves dance (who does what? That's the question). Their contents do not matter. They allow a link, a flow. They carry much more than the rational.


It all comes back to now. Here. Waaa!

I had read an article about a person who had decided to go and meet a shaman.

Disclamer: What I'm about to say is factually wrong.

Feel only

Laughter at the word "fake": Hahahahaha! I can't take it anymore. It's humorous how serious the meaning of words can be. Please don't read these sentences but feel them - as you like.

I now take back that word "fake" and release it from its weight. Yeaah!

I was saying that the very short story I'm about to share with you (it has done good to others so I'm taking the time to share it) is biased. Indeed, I am trying to tell an experience, which is not "mine". Moreover, I did not check and translate the text. I am writing it from memory. I don't give much importance to the veracity of these facts. What is most relevant is what is transmitted.

Re-divagation: A person next to me is listening to music. It's just amazing! - reference to the creation of sound sequences and me having the possibility to live it.

This article must be nonsense for a lot of readers. Sooorry.

Now that transparency is done. Let's get back to the story.

The shaman welcomed the participants. They sat down. The person I'm talking about made an effort to stand up straight, in a meditative position, to prove his seriousness (I'm making a psychological assumption here. Yeah baby!). The shaman approaches. He lowers himself to his height and stretches his arms towards the person. Guili-guili.

Yes, the shaman makes guilis to him. The person bursts out laughing. So all his tension and stiffness evaporates - it actually transforms.

I don't know if I transmitted it correctly. When you identify yourself with a spiritual journey/search of self you tend to take yourself and many things very seriously. This image of the shaman tickling her is a reminder of : Love, remember! Remember you are (a) life! Enjoy!!!

I insist on the non-rationalization of the words I use. In general and even more so when I'm trying to share emotions/feelings with you.

I think of the word enjoy. I'm not talking about the concept of consumption (pleasure, entertainment, denial or whatever).

Feel the words.

* if this sentence you sexualized. So be it. Love with and through life will therefore be considered a sexual thing ;)


- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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