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10 waw things you tend to overlook.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Your world is full of magic.

You are maybe fantasizing about a magic world, a world born of your conscious imagination,

When all the magic, all you desire so much is already here and now,

You are so in the middle of it that it can be challenging to notice it.

Yet, waw,

What a magical world, full of wonders.

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Where should I begin ?

Let's share at least 10 incredible things we tend to overlook on a daily basis.

Of course you are living in a unique context so maybe some of these won't aplly for you. Yet, you will see how it is all about changing your perspective on things. Recognizing the marvellous in all.

1. We have dug the earth and find ways to create underground transports. They can work multiple times during the day. They can bring us almost everywhere in a split of minutes or hours.

2. We have a technology that brings accessible knowledge to everyone with a device.

Praticaly on all subjetcs from daily tips, to finance, politic, spirituality and so on.

3. We have an abundance of fruits, vegetables of all tastes, a variety of products and alimentation available nearly 24H / 24H every day at a couple feet or kilometers of our home.

That same kilometers you can pass with a bike, a car, a bus, a motocycle...

You have potable water flowing everywhere near you, accessible at any time just by opening the sink, with one handed movment. And more than that you have bottles of it (let's hope in glass ;) ) full of this divine nectar.

4. The night, you have this immensely rich luxury to sleep around four walls. In a warmer place than the air outside. With a blanket, if not maybe a couple of them. With coushions. And the possibility at 5-7 foot across to go have the immense pleasure and relief to go piss and poop on a decent toilet, with the means to clean it properly.

5. We have associations, and an infinite amount of services all around the city or in internet. More than one can dream of.

6. We have more than one outfit for the week to wear. Same for the shoes, more than one for a year of life. We have enough make up to use some every day.

7. We can watch videos and films in a lot of different languages with subtitles. We can press pause or replay, or accelerate the video or higher up the quality of it. We can sauvergarde things you want to watch the latter.

8. We have access to education. Learning to read to, write, to count near your home. You have even the possibility to specialize in one field later on or to not continue your studies.

9. We have pencils, computers, microphone, crayons, papers, to write, create express ourselves.

10. We have energy that nourrishes our electronic tools by just the intermediary of two holes in the walls, related to cables and so much more.

These are microscopic examples in an ocean of perspectives.

It is not about striving to access to all that more or to fear. It is not about dependance, nor identification to all of that. It is recongnizing what you have access to now. And not neglecting how it is kinda incredible.

It is easy to not see, easy to not want to see hiding behind guilt and fear. There is no point to not look at things as they are. Actually, by recognizing it you can take conscious action and choices like you could never take before.

To finish,

You have the ability to express yourself and give through words, talk.

You have the ability to hear, smell, touch.

You have the gift of the breath.

You have the ability to start all again, at each moment.

You have the gift to not know what will happen or how your life will go to allow you to be completely free of your destiny and life at each moment.

You have the ability to make your one choices.

You have the ability to walk, to use your hands and fingers, to use your arms, so many other muscles.

You have the ability to use all of your magic.

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