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When, out of a concern for morality, you donate

Donation can be glorified in certain interpretations of texts and morals.

To the point of taking away its delicate benefits.

Acting morally

When we give out of a concern for morality, we are acting out of compulsion. By a mental limitation projecting an ideal of goodness.

Who doesn't want to be a good person? (perhaps the person who has realised deep down that this is not always the issue).

This approach leads to judgement. "I'm not a good person because I don't donate" or "Look how I shine, I'm an angel because of all the hours of giving I do". We come, then, not only to judge ourselves but to judge others according to whether or not they self-flagellate as we do. All unconsciously.

When we are hard on ourselves, we become hard on others. Because we think it's unfair that only we have agreed to suffer and that others don't follow our decision.

The benefits of giving

By obeying the mind (which fluctuates greatly) and its interpretation of good and evil, we distance ourselves from the benefits of giving and therefore from our understanding of it.

Giving is not a duty in the sense that it is not something to be imposed on oneself or others.

The notion of good or evil is relative and specific to each individual. All the more so as the benefits of giving can only take effect if, and only if, it is born from within.

Intuitive, when it is expressed it is an extension of the individual. So when we move from the mind to the heart (i.e. to the experiential) we observe its majesty and its light.

Although the mind likes to establish rules of morality and impose them on others out of frustration and a desire to control, life reveals its wonders not to thoughts but in actuality.

Marie Mazeau Yoga méditation Paris Lifexploratrice

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, certified full-time yoga teacher in Paris, specialising in gentle, joyful, educational and meditative sessions online, for individuals, associations, companies and studios.



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