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The end of the #quarantine ?

Dernière mise à jour : 14 mai 2022




All is passing in front of the eye.

Watching without watching.

Being the watcher and at the same time the essence of what is a watched.

One and multiplicities.


So much is tolled.

So much perspectives.

All shouting truths. "You are deluding yourself" they say, "Do this", "see this"...

What is quarantine but a word, a concept, entertained by imagination, intellectualization, memories.

There is only here and now.

Tomorrow an other concept will emerge. Yet, did this question arise : if quarantine is an idea what is the reality that contains it ?

There is no situation,

Only infinite unique moments,

There is no they, only thoughts,

Words and thoughts are not The Reality.

So what is real?

Who am I ?

Who is the I we are focusing on ?

If the I is not real as you think it is,

Then all what you attached to it is not too.

At the end, always coming back to this realization.

There is no fear, you are not them,

You are not what is felt, thoughts and so on.

All that is perceived is not me and at the same time deeply me.

To grasp this me,

The first one must die.

Me is no one, all, and beyond words.

- End of the gibberish -




Thank you.

Thank you for the marvelous tools.

Grateful for the ability to recognize, to jump into the depths of perceptions, consciousness. Thank you for the incredible life intelligence.

Thank you for all its love

Through water, river, trees, plants, animals, insects, beings, minerals, object, cosmos.

Bless you.

Thank you for this divine intense love energy.

Taking different shapes,

Admiring this master piece.

Thank you for this incredible creation, full of abyss, beauty, light, love, little deaths, infinite lives, discoveries..


From the depth of the heart I bow to you.



Thanks for having these wonderful places to share.

Thank you for having the ability to share.

- Marie Mazeau professeure de Yoga sur Paris et à l'international. Guidance avec douceur et Joie.


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