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Small deaths

Updated: May 17, 2022

It is known that our fears would come back to our fear of dying, others say that it would be that of living.

The two perspectives are interrelated.

There is something I find very beautiful about life.

Our ability to get naked.

I love all those roller coasters.

Its fears of living as we think, as we aspire.

It's magical.

The moment when we say to ourselves: "Wait, what is the most terrible thing that could happen to me?

We launch ourselves.

We realize that it was not so frightening as that.

That it wasn't DEATH.

We are not dead.

And then, boom! Yeaaah!

This "image" of death has been with me for several years.

It was only when the possibility of dying by choice presented itself that my perception of life changed completely.

Until then, it was unimaginable for me to choose death, to wish it with complete devotion.

Since then I see life as a series of small deaths.

The death of who you think you are.

For the discovery of a much more immense and infinite playground.

This article is not morbid.

Nor is it intended to be.

It is full of hope, joy and ecstasy.

What gives me courage?

"I'm going to die, this whole reality is going to die.


So I have nothing to lose, I have no obligation to conform, to be formed.

To be formed? When I want to blossom, reveal my essence and unfold? I will not take your forms, I will not let anyone make me believe that they are making me more valuable. The clay is not me, the sculptor is not him/her, nor what I think I am.

Let us appreciate our essences.

All this will go away.

Only the possibility of living what I wish, learning what I desire, enjoying, appreciating, thanking, loving is revealed.

In a way I agree with Krishnamurti on "don't accept any authority". Don't accept the fear of others, nor your own. "

What if life is just a series of small deaths,

Of who we think we are?

What if it's about realizing who we really are?

What dies every time I face my fears?

What survives?

Behind the screen of permanent, unruffled, impartial life.

I love you,

Believe in your dreams, in your aspirations, in your ideals,

Because they are real.

To you to have the courage

To accept that your image

Of who you think you are

May die

For the unknown,

The rebirth,

I love you.

Immortal soul

Have fun

Dying every moment

To discover your Power.

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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