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Everyday masks

Masks are those that we wear unconsciously, that we feel we are undergoing. There are also those worn with pride and conscience.

Masks, whatever they may be, remain masks.

By being totally honest with ourselves, by connecting acutely with our inner self and expressing our life in every moment, the appearance we give ourselves, created from scratch by the mind, becomes less and less visible and less and less important.

And yet..,

Here they are, the masks,

The masks of "I feel serene, I'm fine, I feel love..." when the body and energy are saying something else.

Spiritual masks, playing a role in order to hide one's ignorance and innocence from the world.

The masks of ambition, of success, while lurking behind lies a soul in pain crying out its humanity, its simplicity, its sensitivity.

Let's take off our masks.

Let's make room for vulnerability,

Let's give what we experience and what inspires us, let's not give what we think we have a duty to give, let's let it come from our heart, from our understanding,

Let's free ourselves from the notions of the way others look at us and the way we look at ourselves.

Let's dare to be.


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