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Is Yoga based on beliefs?

Many people have been hearing about Yoga for some time now. To tell the truth, I've sometimes seen advertising posters for banks, property companies and other companies unrelated to this practice with images of people meditating, being in a posture... Although it's nothing new for companies to try to sell their products with promises borrowed from spirituality and holistic well-being, pledging serenity and inner calm with a bottle of alcohol or perfume, it's still surprising. As a result of this unclear communication about Yoga and its essence, we're left with a whole host of preconceptions and predefined expectations about this practice. In particular, that Yoga is based on beliefs.

Is this something you share?

Beliefs and society

When we think of the term belief, the first image that often comes to mind is that of religious beliefs or belonging to a specific group of thoughts, rituals and perceptions of the world.

Apart from these beliefs, however, there are also beliefs held by all human beings. For example, the belief that you have to be a good pupil at school to succeed in life....

All assumptions and systems of thought that govern our decisions, emotions, reactions and perceptions are beliefs. This is also known as conditioning. And this concerns us all, whether we like it or not. Every scene in life will be perceived differently from one person to another, depending on their fears, their emotions at the time, their traumas... their beliefs about how life works. Some of these beliefs are conscious, but many have an unconscious impact on us.

It's true that Yoga is used as a belief by some people. We could mention Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Or through the appropriation of texts and practices. And that's perfectly all right. What is less so is to come to define and identify Yoga as a belief.

Yoga is light years away from beliefs.

Yoga, beyond beliefs

It's hard not to react to this prejudice when we make Yoga our profession.

Yoga is not based on beliefs; on the contrary, it sheds light on the beliefs that we consciously or unconsciously cultivate and hold within ourselves so that we can see more clearly their impact and influence on the way we perceive life.

Based on this understanding, it proposes tools and methods to free ourselves from the filter of beliefs and reconnect with life as it is and not as we think it is.

It's about reconnecting with reality.

It offers the possibility of objectivity. The possibility of encountering life as it is.

Marie Mazeau professeure de Yoga Paris doux méditation Hatha Yoga Lifexploratrice

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, certified full-time Yoga teacher in Paris, specialising in gentle, joyful, educational and meditative sessions online, one-to-one, in associations, companies and studios.



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