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Exterior and interior

Updated: May 17, 2022

Sometimes I thought I was me and there were others.

Alone, in a foreign world.

As I investigated this boundary, the distinction between the internal and the external turned out to be much more subtle.

What I thought was outside of Me, imposed and so foreign, was in fact just Me too.

Pinch here.

Me no longer refers to the ego.

As I explored my identity, the core of who I was, I got a glimpse of the misheard.

There are no "others" to speak of.

The body is no more Me than the trees, what is perceived and heard.

It is a matter of discovering what you are.

To abandon in confidence what you think you are and what is perceived.

To discover how good your intuition was.

Yes, reality is not what you are presented with, you are much larger than that.

Beyond any concept.

You are.

Beyond all things.

This intuition that there is more to life is good.

Be there.

Listening to it with love and kindness.

With the observation of your natural breathing on a daily basis as your best friend.

A firework is brewing.

Thank you for your time,

See you next time.

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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