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Cosmic Joke

Updated: May 17, 2022

We are on January 7.

I am not talking about the mind and how it works.

I am caught up in my own

So there you go.

Heyo heyo.

I do have a heart thing to unravel though.

It's not a very rosy vibe.

So I'll give you some time to make your reading choice.

I go for it.

I arrive in Paris.

The energy is flat and empty.

The beauty of nature is non-existent.

Here I am again in the nightmare.

Everything is so constructed, square, rectangular, flat, that it seems that time does not exist.

Real time,

Not the hours,

a concept created elsewhere.

But the harmony of life, the observation of its perpetual movement, of its interrelation with all things.

People are tired.

Emotionally they can't take it anymore.

Locked up in this asylum, our own asylum.

- On the other hand, I use strong words, to get as much out of my stomach as possible. -

It seems difficult to get out of this nightmare.

Illusory certainly,

But so comfortable, that once you're in it, you'd think it was real.

Life has nothing to do with it.

Life has nothing to do with the city.

That's why I call it a nightmare.

In it you feel trapped.

We forget;

Who we are;

What life is all about.

Everything is false.

The city is a wound.

The city is the mind.

You transcend the city.

You become a saint.

The city is an ultra disconnection in a dream so connected.

In spirituality, that is to say the search for the Self, we quickly experience the origin of our sufferings.

Of this tension, confrontation, conflict with the world and the Self.

Here, I do not speak about the I which results from the I.

But of the deep intuition that all this is not Life, is not us.

Love, peace, joy, beauty.

- Qualifications blown by this intuition.

I talk about this in the last Podcast "What is Real?"

You become aware of the attachment to thoughts, of our identification with them.

The more you merge into them the more you disconnect from your essence.

Hence the empty, flat energy.

There is no harmony, deep joy, infinite Love, etc. as long as there is identification with thoughts.

I allude to this phenomenon in the article Revolution.

I present the possibility that the relationship, the perception that we have of the world comes from this disconnection to our nature, to nature.

Thus, nature is not the answer to our sufferings, it is our awareness, this internal exploration, deep intuition that there is more, that offers an access to the answers.

To realize then, who we are, or who we are not.

From there everything moves, everything changes.

The dream is no longer the same.

There are no more good dreams and bad dreams,

Of city, of nature...

We become aware that we are not the thoughts, nor the body.

Thus, we are not the memory, nor the knowledge, the beliefs, the emotions, the imagination, and so on.

We then feel close to who we really are.

The world does not exist as before.

We are now one with it.

We no longer live through the idea we had of it,

But it is as if we were one with it.

This requires courage.

The courage to see what really is.

The courage to give up our false identity.

Like a little death.

It takes trust, faith in your intuition, in your observations.

To let go of everything you are not.

It's a huge and sudden letting go.

You are resurrected and it is ecstasy.

Everything we thought we were, was not us.

Cosmic Joke.

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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