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Conversation in the universe

Updated: May 17, 2022

This is a conversation between a Love Star (a star made of vibration of love) worring about particular things in life, having doubts, fears, suffering, feeling like lacking something, trying to look for answers, and a universe angel answering to him/her with a personal tone (as the universe can take many shapes, completely detached from of them. Angels are personal shapes. They are used to guide every star in need. Yet, sometime the universe itself can appear to a star. In this case it is a non so relative answer. The star in question only needs remembering the love that he/she is made of). When the universe angel talks, the star hears it like an echo in infinite creation. Here is their conversation :

Love star (a star made of vibration of love) :

When I talk to a friend I feel it is not authentic.

I feel I must inspire them for me to have a great impact in their life.

I'm telling a linear story on how great all is and how positive I am.

But it is not that way all the time I have many doubts and no so much self support on a daily basis not so much self-love.

I am alone with aspirations and the satisfaction of what life offers.

I am afraid to encounter negative opinions and beliefs on what I believe to be possible what I believe myself capable of doing.

I am not that confident in my choice to live that way and do not believe all the time in myself and possibilities.

I try to create success, money and recognition for having a validation and recognition.

Not because I desire validation or recognition but because it seems that I should desire them to be at peace with my choice of living the way I feel like it.

And this is not easy. Actually, to worry about it is making this experience less aware, with doubts and mental stuff. Seeing through a dual state, a superficial layer of life.

So yes, I have doubts and fears in my head. Because I care about well being and know deeply that this is not life, this is not as real as I could think it is, I'm lacking perspectives, how can I get better, peaceful ?

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Universe angel :

I see.

I hear you.

That is OK and totally normal.

It can happen to talk like this with friends, with others.

It will get better as soon as we correct this perspective, this way, this choice to put attention on a particular perspective that is not serving you, that doesn't resonate.

You are alive.

There is maybe 1/10000000000000000000000000000000..... chance to be alive.

- Not even mentioning how you live in such a comfortable life that offers you the possibility to go beyong the search of comfort, beyond what can be seen at first sight.-

So you have already succeeded.

You are here for YOU,

You having fun and doing what the hell you want to do.

This 1/100000000000000000000000000000... chances to be alive is only lasting, let's say 90, 100 years long.

It will pass like a blink of an eye. When it will end it will be as if it has just started.

So let go of all that you certainly don't care about.

You don't have to have any consideration for fears, doubts, worries.

They do not even exist.

They do not appear in your consciousness as you are for so little time here.

So you take only the good, only the good stuff.

You deeply love yourself and have immense gratitude to be alive.

That is why you don't care of it all.

You only live in full gratitude and love for you, which is in other words love for life.

You enjoy this opportunity to be alive, to enjoy yourself and enjoy how love takes many appearances and shapes.

You deeply appreciate it.

You are wonderful, exceptional, unique, a star made of love, full of it, vibrating love and only love.

You've got this.

You are here as a gift.

Enjoy the way you want it.

There is only the recognition and living by it in it that is relevant.

It feels so good that YOU ARE,


How this is not enough for you ?

It is already it.

There is no, having, not having ,not being peaceful, having doubts, not having doubts or being confident, fearing, or surrendering.

That have no relevance at all.

Again, YOU ARE.

Everything is in the gift,

Enjoy it.

Enjoy exploring it,

Appreciate its tastes, sensations and artwork.

It's amazing.

Remember, take the good only. There is 1/100000000000000000000000... chances to Be.

Enjoy yourself.


If you like this shape of article do not hesitate to communicate it to me. It is also really interesting when the universe is directly talking, it can be life changing. Maybe this article, more relative and specific, in comparaison of non dual / universe talks will help you at a certain time. It is nice to balance relative and non dual until there is no more preoccupations other than Seeing*.

* here seeing does not refer to what can be seen through the mental but what Is, beyond the filter of thoughts.

With deep, infinite love,

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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