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YOGA Workshop: "Inner journey"

In autumn-winter, I'm offering you the Inner Journey workshop, an encounter with the asanas (postures) as tools for interiorisation and meditation (inspired by Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative and Yin).

An exploration through :

- discovering or revising the basics of aligning the postures in a way that respects the body and is kind to it

- consciously letting go and exploring new perspectives

- deep relaxation with a sound bath

- a meditation at the end of the workshop, followed by a time for discussion and questions and answers.

Who is it for?

The workshop is open to people who wish to discover the practice of yoga and to those already familiar with it who wish to take time for deep introspection with tools for everyday life. In tune with the autumn-winter season and preparations for the new year the workshop will provide an opportunity to recharge, clarify, slow down and better reconnect with yourself to welcome a new chapter.

Benefits :

- understanding the postures and the breath to develop or sharpen your individual practice

- promotes relaxation of the body by relieving tension and cleansing energy and emotions,

- cultivates kindness, gentleness and tranquillity

- develop ease with meditation and inner exploration, a source of transformation.

- benefit from clarification and reflection on your questions about your practice

- about technical aspects and/or perspectives for everyday life

- leave feeling serene and soothed.

In a few words: simplicity, kindness, gentleness, awareness, serenity

Marie Mazeau Professeure de Yoga Paris Lifexplroatrice meditation douceur

Marie Mazeau is a full-time yoga teacher in Paris, trained in yoga therapy with anatomical and osteopathic contributions (40 hours) and in the practice of yoga adapted to modern yogis (200 hours, Yoga Alliance). It is particularly through her personal practice and her attraction to meditation that she passionately shares these sessions with a variety of profiles and ages in a bath of gentleness, joy, pedagogy, awareness and letting go.

Venues, days, times, prices and registration links are given on the website in the Events section.

We hope to see you soon.


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