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The teacher's judgment during Yoga class

Sometimes students will apologise for positioning their feet at an angle other than the one that would best support them, they will apologise for inadvertently not doing the same movement as the one guided, others will be afraid of the yoga teacher's judgement.


"Do they think I'm rubbish?

They must hate me being in their class because I'm slowing everyone down.

I'm struggling and the teacher can't help but be annoyed.

It's so embarrassing, my tummy's making all these noises!

Damn, I farted and everyone heard the horrendous noise.

It doesn't smell good either, aaaaaaaaah.

Damn, my body made such a shameful noise in that posture (Sarvangasana for bodies with female genitalia ;))."


Get ready, because the teacher's response may radically change your thoughts and your experience of Yoga in class:

We don't care hahaha.

If only you knew.

If only you knew that we're all human and we all experience this. The difference is that some people experience it as the end of the world and others do not.

The teacher's judgments on your practice

A teacher doesn't use the concepts of weak or strong in these classes, because in Yoga they don't exist. The fact that you've taken the time and effort to come to a class is an incredible act in itself. Very few people know how to take the time that's so necessary for their relational, emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual well-being. Very few know how to take the time that is so necessary for their relational, emotional, psychological, energetic and existential well-being. To be frank, I see beauty in the student who confidently takes the time to adapt the poses (asanas), to pause when necessary, focused on his or her inner experience rather than on the gaze of others. You are beautiful! What an act of courage and confidence! What elegance! What a gift you are giving yourselves!

The teacher's thoughts on body noise

Some students think they're disturbing the peace and quiet of the class with the noise they make from their tummies and so on. A teacher must/may have practised a lot before guiding you and I can tell you that they experience the same things as you. He knows he's human and so do you. He's also focused and doesn't pay attention to that. Well... I don't have much of a sense of humour and I sometimes laugh at the sound of a fart. In general, it lifts the mood more than anything else.

A teacher guides you towards presence, welcoming and discovering reality without the mental filter. This includes the whole moment, sounds, thoughts... you just let yourself be carried.

Don't let those inner thoughts stop you from coming to the session, relax to your heart's content and explore new perspectives. That is my wish.

Marie Mazeau professeure de Yoga Paris méditation Lifexplroatrice douceur

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, certified full-time Yoga teacher in Paris, specialising in gentle, joyful, educational and meditative sessions online, for individuals, associations, companies and studios.



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