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Relaxation break

Updated: May 17, 2022

Reconnect with life, with you, gently, and with fun.

Trust yourself on this.

You know deep down when it is good for you

Even if it scary at the begining.

Observe how your quality of life change greatly.

These 10 ideas have no side effects.

(if and only if you test them in moderation, i.e. without putting too much at stake, and by adapting them to your feelings, resonances).

Integrating them into your daily life can change the course of your life completely.

Indeed we never know.

The question is :

Are you willing to take the shift ?


How does it work?

We talk about energy, we talk about letting go, connection, transcendence.

I've been asked about yoga as a physical activity and lately for relaxation.

To the first request I answer: Yoga is not a sport.

To the second person: (this follows the original text):

It is a question of making the energy cross everywhere in the body and beyond.

Inhale, opening your body to let the air flow into all its nooks and crannies.

Breathe in life.

Exhale, relax your shoulders, your legs, your jaw, your eyes, your forehead.

Move slowly, breathe deeply,

Give yourself, let go.

Smile at the sensations,

We feel, what a wonder!

To give thanks.


Step one:

In an audible way, breathe deeply.

You will need courage to pass through the portal that leads to the Interior.

Step Two:

Close your eyes.

You are on your way.

You are going through the interstellar tunnel.

Trust yourself, let go.

The hardest part is done.


Sitting to sit.

Be the sounds, the smells, the breath,

Melting into the moment.

If you have been following these shares for a while you know that the length of a meditation doesn't matter. It is a matter of being regular. To put this intention of return towards oneself every day sends to our brain, body, cosmos a message; our desire to return to the essential. We cultivate this priority. Our body remembers. By doing this every day we detach ourselves from the possible results. We learn perseverance, faith or trust in what is if you prefer. To choose a meaningful illustration, like a sport it is about training the muscle of our attention. The training often does not give much at the time but we persevere. We know that it can only do us good. Little by little we go from the concentration/attention exercise to meditation in its original definition, union. I won't say more about it, all the interest of these explanations is not to put too much sense on it, to "do it" for the sake of doing it.

On the other hand, maybe you've already tried it and it didn't work. Well, life is flowing and you with it. Maybe it is not something that is appropirate for you now. It is totally fine. Life is complete already. There is not notion of missing, guilt, unqualified or whatever you can think negatively about yourself.

You are courageous to try, to act on your thaught, inspirations, your curiosity for a better relationship with you and the world is your asset. Breath.

(PS: I offer asana and meditation sessions if interested)


To breathe,


How the tree remains anchored, unperturbed despite the wind, insects etc.

Wrap your arms around it,

Perceive its soul

(oops I know I'm going a bit far for some here but well, life is not permanent, you have now the possibility to act with courage and express yourself).

To melt with the sounds, the rain against the coat, the wind that caresses you,

Thanking and complimenting the plants, the trees, the earth (cultivating humility, acknowledging the process of life),



Observe the orchestra of life, the flow, how everything works really well by itself, how in nature there is no judgment, there is adaptation whatever is happening. It is okay, okay. Tell the trees your worries and look closely what they respond to you. Lot of lessons are there just in front of you.

Be aware that you are part of this flow, let yourself be carried.

Give thanks.

(I like to spend time on the roofs of Paris, not that I have the opportunity to do so regularly, but any possibility to perceive how overwhelming it all is, in a good way. The mountains evoke the same feeling, the forest, the water...).


Lie down on the floor, walk barefoot, get naked at home (and in nature if you can), go out when it's raining, play...

Eat slowly, very very very slowly. As if each bite is unique and you have no way of knowing if you'll get another one or not.

Savor, savor every moment, every color.

Doing something you are afraid of that doesn't threaten your integrity, your love for yourself, your values or your intuition.


Pay attention to every sensation.

The front of the foot landing, the weight, the heel, bringing the other leg forward, pausing the first part of the second foot to see how the first foot reacts, contemplating the beauty of just walking, how incredible you are.

Walking is not easy. It requires a lot from your body.

You reconnect with life, with those things you take for granted.


Pay attention to the little things around you, see their complexity, their uniqueness.

Offer them your presence.

Let Go.

Be absorbed into the now,

Clear, grounded.

Allow your breath to be part of the scene (ideally all scenes).


Absorbed by thoughts?

Pen and paper, or keyboard the journey begins.

The simple fact of writing gives perspective. We realize that reality is not based on our concerns. There is what is and our concerns. Where do we put our attention?

Writing allows us to lighten our mind, to relativize but it can also help us to create. It is called the power of affirmation, of gratitude, of imagination. A pen, and all your desires you write. Observe how you feel. Observe how your perceptions change or don't change in the next few seconds, days, months.


Unlocking an overflowing mind.

Become the music, serve it,

To become the painting the painter.

The dance.

The emotional energy flows.

One can also listen, just to listen.

Sitting, lying down, with the breath as a companion.


Unveil your depths, your sensitivity to the world.

Getting out of your mind in the form of art, whatever it is (entrepreneurship, code, drawing, writing, dance, video, administrative), allows you to step back, let go, move forward, manifest.


Sensitive subject.


Habits and beliefs so well anchored in our societies.

And yet.

A radically changed quality of life follows.

I will devote an article on this subject. Knowing it well polemic. You will know more about the how and why.

I could quote more ideas but it seems to me that 10 is already a lot for a start.

I wish you Love, deep peace and subtle Joy

If you want me to go deeper into certain points or concepts, do not hesitate to let me know.

See you next time

Beautiful internal discoveries

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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