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My journey and yoga: overview

My path, for as long as I can remember, has been guided towards a profound existential exploration. I had an acute consciousness early of my inner experience. I wanted to comprehend the world and its wonders. In a music retreat at the age of 15, before I knew it, I was guiding my first savasana¨ (relaxation/lying meditation).

It was much later, after contemplations and philosophical discussions, life-changing experiences, between high school and university that the discovery of the practice of meditation and asanas was a revelation.

The exploration that had hitherto stopped at personal development took on an indescribable depth and transformative character. A return to my roots. A return home, to my deepest intuition.

Strengthened by my sensitivity, this inner call and its revelation, my daily life was transformed. I was thus called to move towards sharing the essence of yoga.

Trained by teachers who are specialists in their field in alignment, anatomy, yoga therapy, osteopathy and other areas, my sessions are a balance between playfulness and a conscious inner journey. They are bathed in kindness, simplicity, gentleness, joy and meditative guidance.

Asanas, deep relaxation and sound baths are used as tools for inner exploration.

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, certified full-time Yoga teacher in Paris, specialising in gentle, joyful, educational and meditative sessions online, for individuals, associations, companies and studios.


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