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Meditate 1 hour and practice gratitude every day for 30 days - feedback

Updated: May 17, 2022

Here we are discovering, little by little, all the challenges of the level 5. Last week we discovered a meditation method, my feedback and how to prepare yourself to succeed these 30 days challenges: 30 days of level 5 challenges.

This week, we are looking at 2/5 of the challenges from this level. The first concerns the power of gratitude and how to implement this practice on a daily basis. The second corresponds to my return of experience following the daily meditations of 1 hour.


Write, every day, at least 3 things that are considered being "negative" for which we are grateful.

Being grateful is an exercise that I had already implanted in my habits.

I appreciate it very much and look forward to its immediate and long-term effects.

However, this challenge is unique. It’s not about thanking the obvious things like water, food, the roof over my head, the loved ones, the clothes, the shower and so on. No, the exercise goes further. You must, every day, thank a situation that you have lived badly, that you judge negative. This leads you to develop, what I will call, a healthy positivity. In the sense, where we do not force ourselves to smile, to veil our emotions. Here, it is an exercise of perspective.

We learn to recognize the lessons that life offers us, we observe how much opportunities and occasions to grow we have every day, regardless of our age or societal status.

Thank you example: I thank the long wait at the store this afternoon. Indeed, it allowed me to cultivate my patience.

Its benefits:

  • cultivate a lucid positive approach to the events of our daily lives. Lucid in the sense that we’re not trying to convince ourselves of something. One realizes how what is experienced/ perceived can be viewed constructively and uplifting.

  • Feeling of well-being.

  • Whenever I do this exercise aloud (see the article Links of the week) or in writing I immediately feel that my energetic frequency is changing.

  • Very pleasant exercise and close to a meditative state.

  • On a daily basis, when an event occurs, when negativityis expressed by someone we are able, naturally and spontaneously, to propose a more constructive vision.

3. Meditate 1 hour a day

Sitting. to sit,

Without moving,

Without doing anything,

No method or guidance.

(it is the intention at least)


At the announcement of this challenge, I was somewhat reluctant. The approach, this time suited me perfectly. What I was less excited about was spending an hour a day on it. I already practice efficient "methods" on a daily basis. I dedicate minimum 1 hour a day for these. So sacrificing them for another technique hurt my heart. Moreover, I had learned from experience that this type of meditation is beneficial only if I exercise my attention/concentration beforehand. Otherwise, meditation is not constructive not having cultivated this space with the mind. Thus, my attention is more easily directed towards thoughts, the meditation has very little interest.

Well, realizing this challenge is still my choice (a little stubborn). So I’m going.

Observations and benefits:

- pain in the back during meditation (unsustainable during the first week).In the following weeks this eased.

- it was only towards the end of the challenge that I was able to appreciate its benefits (at least those visible;)). Being able to meditate with enough ease for 1 hour is very nice. We overcome mental limits.

Well, as you can see, the list of benefits is not too great. That’s normal. I already practice meditation on a daily basis. As explained in previous articles the key to meditation is regularity, not the time devoted to it. It’s not like you could add benefits depending on the number of hours. Even if it’s always better to sit down for as long as possible. The concentration is sharpened and the quality connection with life is more printed. But that is not necessary. You can meditate 2 hours a day without making the effort/ dedication to integrate it into your daily life, in this case your quality of being and exploration will be less compared to a person who meditates 20-30 minutes and is alert (intent) all day. To illustrate the thing, it’s like you were training for an exam or a project but did not come to the exam or did not carry out your project. If you want to know more I invite you to walk on the blog, I explain all this in many articles.

The challenge over, the back is no longer an obstacle.I get off on meditating longer.I meditate a lot on intuition. It’s a little weird. I will probably explain it to you one day. Without a challenge, it takes me 20-30 minutes to meditate in depth. I "feel" when the time is right to start and finish the meditation. In short. Following the challenge I came back to my meditative practices and reused this instinctive compass.

Disclaimer: a suitable spiritual/exploration method of Self is worth all others method as interesting, new-age and stylish as they can be.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to address them to me (as always) I could share my perspective in video or article for example =)

See you soon.


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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