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Updated: May 17, 2022

Sitting on the balcony. Leaning against a cushion. Indian Flute and Tanpura in my ears. I wonder what to write to you. What would I like to say?

The birds are singing.

What a wonder to watch them flutter from branch to branch.

I want to write a text that feels good. That, when you read it, allows you to let go.

The words are soft in your head.

Immediately you take a deep breath.

Your heart speeds up slightly.

The energy opens up.

You smile with satisfaction.

I would like to write you a text that brings you into the moment.

In the deepest and most subtle layer.

That you realize it, appropriate it, and abandon yourself in its arms.

That your whole being enjoys divine pleasure.

I am joined on the balcony.

Snippets of discussion:

"What we think about others we think about ourselves".

"Meditation reveals the energetic life of the body and beyond, invisible to the eye".

"All the answers to our questions are found in our inner garden and beyond".

"In the teaching of Vipassana we refer to the law Anicca (in Pali, pronounced anincha), Anitya in Sanskrit; everything is impermanent".

and I pass you the mundane subjects.

The sun, warm envelope.

Divine energy.

The sound of pages turning.

The singing and laughter through the windows.

The sound of children playing, exploring, exploring.

The air.

An accordion melody flying from the neighbor's window.

Rhythmized by the passage of some roars of motorcycles.

The calm makes place,

To the suspension of time,

Inventions of the spirit.

Divine creation.

Beautiful exploration,

One with the breath,

See you soon

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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