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Hymn to beauty

Updated: May 17, 2022

Did you already took the time to immerge yourself in nature?


“I will go straight to the point. I first started writing poetry during my exams. I looove doing a creative activity in these periodes. It is almost like my brain is trying to countain so much bullshit (i am talking at an existential state) that it is the best moment to be super creative. ”

Contemplation- #sea

The fresh water caresses my face.

I wriggle

In the clear river,

Like a mother,

Cradled among the stones.

Soft breeze

You warm my being.

The air caresses my nostrils

To leave there

A breath of life.

The sea breathes loudly,

As strong as the wind that rocks it.

While I am satisfied

To look at her

She beckons me

To listen to her.

I tend my ear.

Then is heard,

The sound of all the beings

That she shelters

And of all the beings

That it connects.

I thank her for it.

When I look at the sea,

I sometimes get scared.

The violence of its waves makes me perplexed.

I found the colors of the universe

On a heap

Of sea bubbles.

The horizon of all possibilities

To cross

According to the temerity

Of each of its waves.

The bird

To advance in the air

Uses the wind

Like a fighter.

At nightfall

The sun moves on the ecliptic

To form

An essence of light

And so,

To give way,

To the formation

Of the universe.

To the observation of nature,

I came to understand

That the force is omnipresent

Except in my consciousness.

At its arrival,

The sea spreads its white carpet,

Inviting us

To love her

As it loves us.

The bird flies,

The fear of falling


While everyone takes flight

One remains on the ground.

What a mess

Between the sound of the sea

And the sound of cars

One loses one's bearings.

In her pink coat

She walks with a hesitant step.


Looks at the distance,

And resumes her way.



- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.

Bonus: Here a video that i made when contemplating the sea.


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