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Gentle Yoga practice= exclusively for beginners?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

I've already heard teachers refer to gentle yoga sessions as an implied level of yoga. Good. The concept of level in yoga needs to be questioned and deconstructed.

What is, in is basis, Yoga?

Because Yoga is an inner exploration. It's about realising that by looking inside yourself, through this technology of understanding yourself and life, you get to the essence of everything. However esoteric that may sound in your thoughts. That's what Lifexploratrice sessions are all about: reconnecting with yourself.

Yet many practitioners have only experienced a sporting, gymnastic or dogmatic approach to yoga.

Rediscovering postural Yoga as a moment of gentleness, introspection, health and meditation

To the great surprise of those who thought that Yoga was simply an active pursuit of flexibility and athletic sensations, former students have been enlightened by the joy of discovering the introspective and meditative sessions on offer. Where the body is seen not as an identity but as a passage, a bridge, towards the inner self. That this reconnection does not depend on what it can or cannot do.

It's only after years of practice that some realise that this is what's calling them. This inner realisation, this simple and natural fulfilment, this hosmosis with all things.

The gentle guided yoga sessions are perfect for the one who are new to yoga as well as those who are already familiar with it.

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, certified full-time Yoga teacher in Paris, specialising in gentle, joyful, educational and meditative sessions online, one-to-one, in associations, companies and studios.


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