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Updated: May 17, 2022

In the ocean I struggle with attachment to thoughts and discernment of reality.

In between moments of awareness, I share with you these few fears.

I am writing to you from the place of my yoga training. I will share with you in the post linked to this article an anecdote that I hope will help you.

(to know more about the adventure : go to the Facebook page Lifexploratrice and the Instagram account Lifexploratrice)

Let's keep in mind that the exploration is still there now.

Now, how about visiting some of my conscious thoughts?

En interrogeant ta réalité tu développes une faculté de discernement.

Jusqu'à ce que la dualité ne soit plus.

Les termes que tu pensais avoir compris prennent alors toute une autre dimension.


Les premiers jours des -> 4 jours solo and everything changes ont été difficiles.

Confrontées à toutes sortes de pensées :

1. Être seul n'est pas normal. Encore plus si je l'apprécie.

Je devrais avoir plus d'amis et les voir plus souvent & me faire des amis partout où je vais.

2. Je deviens fou à force de regarder les rires.

3. Pourquoi est-ce que je médite et fais du yoga ?

4. Peut-être que je ne comprends pas la vie, que je n'en profite pas pleinement (vieille et forte croyance).

5. Quand je pense aux enfants, cela semble être un beau changement de vie, mais égoïste. J'en ai besoin pour avoir un sens à ma vie, pour oublier les soucis.

6. Quel travail / moyen de gagner de l'argent vais-je trouver qui correspondra au moment présent ?

6. I am clueless. Everything I think is a yoga-based brainwashing. I am nothing and cannot create something that reflects my authentic self.

7. I WANT TO DANCE reveals all this energy (desire, so don't respond to it? Observe).

8. What do people think of what I post? How will they see it?

9. I feel self-centered, hurtful and manipulative and not grateful for what I have.

10. Why do I write articles and want to make videos?

11. How can I be sure that what I share expresses only my authentic self?

12. Am I delusional? Making choices that are not my own (influenced), yoga stuff. Can I be happy with a "normal job"? Should I explore other possibilities (that I don't see yet)?

Here I am, naked again.

I hope sharing this with you can help you in some way.

I will write an article about fears, thoughts.

What are their origins, their impacts in our lives, how are they maintained and can we detach ourselves from them, use them to grow.

See you next time.

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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