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Discovering yourself through yoga

The tools of inner contemplation lead to indescribable discoveries that only experience can attest to.

Whereas the term energy was abstract to us, the more we sharpen our concentration, the more we experience the energy that circulates in our bodies and through everything.

We also have the opportunity to experience a level of well-being that we'd never experienced before.

When we first experience it, we may find it unusual because no one seems to have told us it was possible.

However, this well-being and harmony, this ease with everything, is a natural human quality that nature also experiences.

We rediscover our relationship with the body and with ourselves, we reconnect with it, we reconnect with all our facets, we discover this vast, anchored, sacred inner space, its potential for healing and fulfilment, its connection with everything.

Marie Mazeau professeure de Yoga Paris Lifexploratrice méditation douceur conscience

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, certified full-time Yoga teacher in Paris, specialising in gentle, joyful, educational and meditative sessions online, for individuals, associations, companies and studios.


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