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30 days of challenge (2)

Updated: May 17, 2022

I left you for almost a month.

But here I am again.

I'll tell you, little by little, everything I did and discovered.

First of all, I took back the 30 days challenges.

This one is made of 6 levels.

In the article 30 days challenge: #bye bye sex I presented you the level 1 and, briefly, mentioned the level 2.

See the article Methods: 30 days of challenge.

Now, let's go to level 3.

30 days challenges : Level 3

1. Do not use the web for entertainment but only for practical and educational purposes

2. Eat at least one meal a day consciously

3. Immerse yourself in nature (30 minutes a day minimum)

What I learned:

1. Don't use the web for entertainment but only for practical and educational purposes

We tend to think that if we do not check our messages, social networks in general, we may miss many opportunities. Like, an invitation to an event, an outing with friends, a news that would change our life ...

In fact.

It's nothing.

But to believe it, you have to start.

We realize that there is not a single message that can't wait. These have much less impact in our lives than we might think.

More to the point, we become aware that the world does not revolve around us.

It works very well on its own.

Without our attention or intervention.

As in meditation, we find ourselves face to face with the process of life.

What is, right now, observed with awareness and attention, is the most fascinating thing.

Networks, movies and the like can in no way match this.

The difficulty lies in letting go.

A difficulty because of our attachment to thoughts, an ease because it is our innate state.

2. Eat at least one meal a day consciously


It is like a meditation.

A meditation through the senses.

We like to think that in order to enjoy life, we have to take it by storm, go all out, test sensational things, etc.

By doing this we realize that what is, right now, is not enough.

By paying attention to the details, to the tastes, to their evolution in our mouth, we become aware of all that we neglect, the subtle wonders of life.

Our perception can also expand.

The apple does not have a defined taste.

In fact, what is an apple?

The kiwi, chewed slowly and consciously, offers a variety of sensory explosions.

In short.

This was the hardest challenge of all. It's not a big deal.

3. Immerse yourself in nature (30 minutes per day minimum)

Deep meditation offered by nature...

We question our notion of time, the belief that reality is based on our thoughts (opinions, fears, imagination, judgments, reminiscences etc.).

We let go and realize that the body is part of this same process, of this same exchange of life.

We are not our body.

We observe all this doing.

These interdependent movements.

Perfectly detached.


The more our attention grows in quality, the more answers to our existential questions emerge.

Simply observe without judgment.

Nature allows us to reconnect with our wisdom.

Soft kisses,

See you next time.

Thank you

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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