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30 day challenges : #bye bye sex

Updated: May 17, 2022

Admit it, this topic is too timely. A new year? What if I told you about a resolution that could help change your life? One that is not too ambitious and that is based on the effort you are going to make and not on its success? I am sharing with you today, in the hope that it will help you in your intentions, the "30 days challenges".

First of all, why the 30 days challenges?

Nothing to do with the subject's articles

Post-Challenge Observations


- I have more freedom than I think to create my reality, to live the way I want.

- I am not controlled by compulsive urges. It is my choice, I am not dependent on these habits.

- what I am afraid of (procrastinating) I do now with courage and in the immediate future. I decrease the "tomorrow".

- I can say hello to a sense of priority. Indeed, you now know that little things like walking, meditating can be crucial to well-being- or at least contribute to it->I get excited ;)

- strength of will leads to realization. #YOLO.

These are the main impacts of stage 1 of the 30 day challenges.

Like the passing clouds**, everything changes at any given moment. These observations are not constant and do not define me in any way. I don't talk about perfection to reach. Simply observations in moments t (subjective, 'course).

*If you read the articles of the previous weeks, you know that I am not talking about knowledge acquired intellectually but about something integrated (embodiment).

** Expression used by Kati Morton, psychotherapist and youtuber. The illustration was related to emotions.

Ok nice. What are the challenges? There are several stages?

There is a special way to make sure you follow the 30 days. I refer you to the creators of this challenge*: They sell the kitt and its explanations in English.

STAGE 1 monkey mind (monkey stage): The challenges are to be customized according to your situation:


I search "adventure pricture" here is what came out

After this joke, let's start again:

30 days to regain control over your compulsive or addictive habits Alcohol, weed,...

I add the term "compulsive" to explain that it is what you consider to be, in your consumption habits, harmful because consumed in an excessive way (regular instead of occasional) that you will choose not to consume during these 30 days.

Note: As I am not concerned with the consumption of addictive substances recognized as such, I have identified sugar (which is indeed an addiction), and junk food as being subject to a psychological dependence.

30 days walking 30 minutes/day: This is an opportunity to feel your body, and of course to generate creativity. Contemplate! Be! Let your brain breaath

30 days to meditate 20 minutes/day: Via the technique I presented in the article "What is mindfulness? " .

That is to say, come back to the sensations of your breath over and over again.

30 days of rising with the sun: The same way you adapt if you don't have the possibility to contemplate the sunrise.

Note: I am content to get up at his wake up time.

- and finally the most subject to reactions: mouaHaHa- 30 days without sexual sharing and without masturbation: It is about learning to use this sexual energy differently. Rahala I can tell you that I value and respect the body more than ever. This is an excellent vessel! I imagine that for everyone it will be a different approach, depending on the vision of the thing and the experiences lived.

*If you decide to undertake them please communicate with me via mp that I give you the methods to follow and answer your questions about the challenges <3 I doubt they will be achieved otherwise.

On the other hand this is only stage 1 of development here there are others! Excitaaaant!

Lots of hugs,


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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