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Unique Yoga sessions guided with gentleness


Marie Mazeau, full-time Yoga teacher in Paris since several years, is recognized for her pedagogy, gentleness and joy. She shares with you a unique inner journey to discover the essence of Yoga, of yourself.

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation
Marie Mazeau professeure de Yoga Paris Lifexploratrice

The journey

Marie Mazeau has been teaching yoga full-time in Paris for several years, in private, associations, studios and companies. She studies alignment (Iyengar, Hatha), yoga therapy (the study of a practice over time) and conscious inner exploration. After studying for a Master's degree in economics and doing some in-depth research into what suits her and what she can bring to others, she qualified in teaching yoga adapted to modern students by teachers who are experts in their field (anatomy, alignment, adjustments, Yin, yoga therapy, etc.). She was also immersed in India and its traditions for several months in a retreat in France and in the desert. Finally, she has developed her expertise in applied anatomy with a therapeutic and osteopathic approach through a specialised training. She is inspired by and open to a wide range of approaches, combining Yin, Vinyasa, restorative, mindfulness, sound baths and philosophy in her sessions... Her sessions are known to be a special experience combined with sound bath meditations during workshops and private sessions.

Practitioner of seated meditation, her sessions are an immersion in conscious exploration, letting go and pedagogy. As meditation is second nature to her, this is reflected in the way she guides the asanas (postures). She teaches people of all ages and backgrounds who are looking for well-being, introspection and inner inquiry in a friendly, caring, joyful, educational and Zen atmosphere.

The proposed sessions

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Private sessions

Private sessions are Marie's specialty. Adapted to your pace and your needs, this is the best learning and practice environment you can gift yourself with. The sessions last one hour and are inspired by various approaches.

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Corporate sessions

Perfect for allowing a break and rejuvenation time between or at the end of working hours. Marie guides the sessions in French or in English gently and pedagogically. It is an inspiring moment from which they leave serene.

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Group sessions

Meet Marie for sessions in small groups of 10 to 12 people for follow-up over the year. Gentle Yoga classes, bathed in softness, then Yoga in full consciousness for a mix of standing poses and letting go.

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation


Marie offers outdoor sessions and online classes. She hopes to introduce you to a retreat idea soon. It is with great pleasure that she finds you during these special occasions.


Two styles of group sessions are offered, both guided by the same approach: caring, gentle, educational, joyful and based on self-exploration.


Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

The tools and perspectives shared enable recconect to health and inner balance, to manage emotions and anxiety, and to explore oneself and life. Tension is released, space is created and calm is invited.


The benefits include :


- relaxation, serenity, letting go

- grounding

- helping to keep your back healthy

- joint health, body tone and mobility; the body is replenished, regenerated, opened up and relaxed

- joint care

- support for the digestive system

- better quality of sleep

- tools for practising asanas and sitting meditation alone at home

- concentration

- increased lucidity and pragmatism, easier decision-making,

- regulation of emotions and energy

- helps with depression, anxiety, chronical pain management...

- gain perspective on life's challenges

- regulation of hormones

- energy cleansing

- development of creativity

- better communication

- reconnection with yourself and life, confidence and ease

- greater awareness of the body as a source of health and inner exploration.


The practice strengthens the body's immune system, cleanses and harmonises....the list of benefits is long and its impact is holistic.

Séances en entreprises

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Corporate sessions

Marie regularly teaches in companies and start-ups in French and English in Paris in an open, caring and joyful atmosphere. It is about inviting employees to explore their potential for calm and grounding, creativity and communication.


Marie's approach is accessible and educational. The sessions are geared towards mindfulness; taking the time to feel, breathe, let go. It combines postures and meditation, sound therapy. Each session is unique, the employees come out serene and calm.


CONTACT MARIE: or 06 66 73 08 62

Séances privées

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Private sessions

Home sessions are Marie's speciality, they allow listening and transformative accompaniment over the long term. These are personalized sessions, adapted to your rhythm and your needs, without seeking performance, to decompress, anchor yourself, relax, discover the practice of postures, the use of breath, do good to your body...but not only. They are guided with great gentleness, meditation, and care.

One hour course at your home of asanas and meditation. Hiers students attend these sessions once or twice a week. Marie teaches particularly in the 7th, 16th, 15th, 14th, 6th, 2nd, Paris and Paris-south. She also proposes sound bath mediation.


Group sessions

Group sessions

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Prices vary from venue to venue. They are indicated by clicking on the "I register" button, which takes you to the website of the venue in question or to the direct e-mail address of the manager who will be able to give you more information.


Every Tuesday from 10.45am to 11.45am, gentle elderly Yoga sessions all year round from September to June 2024 rue Falguière 75015. The registration will open next on June 2024. 550 euros the year. 15euros a trial class.

Every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm at the Centre Elément, 7 rue des Guillemites 75004. Exploratory, meditative and reconnecting sessions in a beautiful room. Gentle Yoga (standing poses and restorative mix). Perfect to end your day, leave peaceful and light for the rest of your week. 


Every Wednesday from 5:55pm to 6:55pm Gentle Yoga 75015, at 71 rue de Fondary near the subway La Motte Piquet Grennelle.


Every Thursday from 7.30 pm to 8.30pm, Marie will be delighted to meet you for Yoga in full consciousness and letting go guided at 7 street du Maine, Yogamania, subway Gaité and Montparnasse.


Every Friday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, Gentle zen Yoga sessions at 7 rue du Maine 75014, metro Montparnasse/Gaité.


Every Sunday from 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm a session of Gentle Yoga and from 7.30pm to 8.30pm a session of Yin Yoga, at the Cmonyoga studio, 100 rue du Théâtre 75015: relaxation, gentleness, inspired by various approaches Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Iyengar...full consciousness.

Marie also teaches in Châtillon every week (you can contact her for more information).

New sessions will be proposed along the year! Don't hesitate to check again the website until then.


Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation


Voyage intérieur

Marie vous propose une fois par mois un Atelier de 2h à la rencontre des asanas (postures) comme outils d'intériorisation, de méditation dans un magnifique studio de Paris au 100 rue du Théâtre 15ème arrondissemnt. L'atelier sera une exploration en son intérieur à travers :

- une pratique posturale inspirée du Hatha Yoga, Yoga restauratif et Yin en pédagogie, dans le respect du corps et la bienveillance,

- le lâcher-prise en conscience et l'exploration de perspectives,

- une relaxation et intériorité profonde à travers les vibrations sonores (bols de cristals, tambour chamanique et autres instruments) 

- fin de l'atelier par un temps d'échange et de question-réponse.


POUR QUI ? L'atelier est ouvert aux personnes qui souhaitent découvrir la pratique du yoga et à ceux et celles déjà familièr.e qui souhaitent s'offrir un temps d'introspection profonde. En phase avec l'arrivée du printemps l'atelier vous permettra de vous ressourcer, de clarifier, de ralentir, de mieux se reconnecter à soi.

LES RETOURS d'élèves et de professeur.e.s : "Merci Marie, c’était incroyable." Florence, "C'était super, je n'ai pas ressenti le temps passé" Alexandra, "Merci Marie pour ce beau moment de douceur et de recentrage qui m'a fait beaucoup de bien" Pascal ,"Merci pour cette découverte, un vrai moment de détente et d'intériorisation" Leila, "Un grand merci pour cette pratique si belle qui m'a beaucoup apaisé et détendue" Fabienne. 


100 rue du Théâtre 15ème au magnifique studio Cmonyoga. Métro Commerce ligne 8, Emile Zola ligne 10, La motte piquet Grenelle ligne 6.


40 euros pour les 2 heures.

 Contact : et infos en direct à @lifexploratriceyoga_paris sur Instagram.

=> L'atelier du mois de JUIN sera guidé le SAMEDI 22 JUIN DE 16H00 à 18H00 SUR LE THEME DE LA JOIE ET CELEBRATION. Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur le lien ci-dessous. Les places partent très vite, on vous recommande de réserver minimum une semaine à l'avance.

La moitié des places sont déjà reservées !


Week-end déconnexion

Pendant le mois de Juillet, Marie, professeure de Yoga à plein temps sur Paris vous propose une expérience immersive et mémorable, un week-end Déconnexion (sans écrans) du vendredi 16h au dimanche 17h en Normandie dans la commune de Roiville. Il s'agit d'une profonde expérience partagée en petit groupe. 


Se déconnecter de l'agitation du quotidien pour mieux se reconnecter à soi, aux autres et au vivant. Au programme de belles rencontres, de la cuisine végétalienne et sans sucre ajouté, des ballades dans la forêt, une méditation aux pieds des arbres, des pratiques en douceur, simplicité, conscience et bienveillance inspirées du Hatha, Restauratif, méditation et Yin. Laissez-vous emporter par les vibrations sonores aux instruments aux bols de cristal, tambour chamanique et à la voix (entre autres)... en résumé de profonds moments d'intériorité et d'introspection, des rires et de la joie, tout cela dans un magnifique cadre, un bain dans la nature.

-------LE PROGRAMME 🌸-------


Arrivée VENDREDI 12 de 15h à 17h - Départ DIMANCHE 14 de 16h à 17h

✨ Des séances de Yoga doux et vibrations sonores adaptées aux heures de la journée. Un accompagnement de qualité dans sa pratique.

✨ Un moment de cuisine en conscience et convivialité

✨ Immersion en forêt pour une reconnexion profonde au vivant et à soi-même

✨ Des temps seul d'intégration, de ressourcement et de contemplation

✨ Des découvertes, de profondes introspections, et réharmonisation intégrale.

Tout le matériel de pratique (bolsters, blocks, plaids) sont fournis.


La retraite proposant une profonde intériorité est limitée à 8 places.

📍ACCES: Un magnifique espace de pratique et de nature à la commune de Roiville dans la vallée de la vie. L'adresse : La Grandière, Roiville, Normandie, FR 61120. Le lieu est accessible en train à Gare de l'Aigle puis en taxi (30 minutes) et/ou en co-voiturage qu'on peut vous aider à organiser quelques temps avant la retraite...  Le transport n'est pas inclus dans le tarif de la retraite.

🎫 LE TARIF: Pour les 3 jours et 2 nuits incluant hébergement, repas, pratiques, guidance dans les activités, est de 450 euros (transport non compris). Un acompte de 200 euros permet de réserver sa place.



Dès Septembre 2024 plusieurs stages de 1 à 3 jours proches de Paris seront régulièrement proposés afin de vous donner l'occasion d'approfondir votre pratique et exploration intérieure. Méditation, Yoga du son, asanas... pleins de belles découvertes et immersions en vue.

Séances en plein air

Tout le long du mois de Juillet 2024, les mercredis, jeudis, dimanches et samedis, des séances sont guidées en plein air pour ceux et celles qui souhaitent découvrir les séssions dans le cadre de l'été solidaire Lifexploratrice. Sur donation à partir de 10 euros la séance, inscriptions par mail.



De 18h à 19h au parc Georges Brassens 75015 des séances de Yoga doux

IMG_9307 (2).JPG


(à l'exception du 14 Juillet)

Au parc Georges Brassens 75015 de 11h à 12h des séances de Yoga doux

Throughout July 2024, there will be guided outdoor sessions for those wishing to discover the sessions as part of the Lifexploratrice summer of solidarity. On donation 10 euros per session, registration by e-mail.


- Every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm in Parc Georges Brassens 75015, gentle yoga sessions;


- every Sunday from 11am to 12pm at Georges Brassens Park, 75015, gentle yoga sessions;


And every Saturday in association with Châtillon town hall, free of charge, no registration required:


- every Saturday in July from 10am to 11am Extra Gentle Yoga and from 11am to 12pm Yoga in full consciousness and letting go, at Parc Henri Matisse in Chatîllon.



 Bring a mat, comfortable clothes, a kawé, a jumper, a blanket, a water bottle, blocks or a cushion if you need them.

Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation
Marie Mazeau Lifexploratrice professeure de Yog Paris douceur et méditation

Private sessions at your home or online

For a personalised and quality follow-up.

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Merci ! À bientôt !

Among your reviews

Thank you Marie. Excellent teacher who allowed me to really enjoy the practice of Yoga (after some complicated first attempts). Finally. A real moment of disconnection and reconnection, lulled by Marie's gentle voice, which guides us perfectly with kindness and pedagogy, allowing us to stay in the present moment. After her classes, we feel relaxed and at peace. In short, always very good and beautiful moments.


"We come to Marie's yoga classes for the yoga, but also for Marie. Each session is different, adapted to our desires and our level. Marie listens, is attentive, and her pedagogy allows us to progress at our own pace. You feel confident and supported. Full of energy and good humor. Marie knows how to create a very special atmosphere that both soothes and energizes us. Thank you Marie." -Nathalie-


Marie is always careful to explain the postures and takes the time to correct each participant. This is very much appreciated. Marie prepares her sessions very well and you can feel it. There is a continuity in the learning process. Marie sharpens our attention to become aware of our feelings. Great class, it's a real pleasure and a source of balance! I am a fan!


I thank Marie for her smile and her kindness which reassures us as soon as we walk through the door. Marie's class is a moment suspended in time, full of serenity and good vibes. It feels really good!


"Your classes are great! The softness of your voice, its grain is so zen, the fact that you explain the exercises so well, your smiles, and the serenity you exude. Don't change a thing! This is the best yoga class I've ever had."



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"Yoga: an experience rather than a performance"


Yoga sessions in Paris

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