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Yoga Sessions

Updated: May 17, 2022


I won't use the term dynamic to describe the sessions. I teach with a Yin vibe but add some Yang as well. I think that it is a good combo. It complements each other. For example, we can practice standing postures as well as on the floor (Yin).

You can explore more things that way. Through alignment, and energetically.

It will be more varied.

Roughly you can say that it is 30 minutes of Yang, exploration of postures in gentleness and mindfulness, and 30 minutes Yin, relaxation, meditation.

I can use breathing exercises (pranayama), warming up the body by deep breathing combined with postures so that it relaxes completely at the end. Always in mindfulness..

Nothing is rigid.

The practice does not come from its shape but from the inner exploration it offers.

We take the time to feel and use the breath. The intention is to balance the body, its energy, its posture in order to let go, to meditate with more ease. It is a gentle guidance with a bit of Fire🔥 sometimes (that's what it is called in Yoga) to appreciate your Savasana all the more at the end.

Since I am free (not restricted by students' expectation of a particular style). Each session is unique...and at the same time follows a very specific thread."

The depth of exploration depends on the openness, interest and focus of the students in front of me. The energy of the group.

🎉🙏 You can now find these sessions every Sunday at 6:30 pm at @studio.cmonyoga 100 rue du Théâtre 75015 : The Schedule, Calendar, Yoga Classes - CMONYOGA I am given the green light to share this exploration as I see fit! How wonderful!

Other slots are also available in Paris all the links and info are shared in the Yoga classes page of the web site.

The approach resonates?

Ready for the adventure?

Deep relaxation and meditation,

You are welcome,

Just as you are,

Whatever you are going through or came with.


Q: What do you call fire? And Savasana is the end meditation?

A: Fire: I could translate it as heating the body but it is more subtle than that. It is the breath, and the movement, it is the quality of moving, of acting, of determination, of concentration...

A: Savasana is the reclining posture of letting go of the body that we do at the end. We can also meditate sitting down but I do it by feeling (according to the energy that has shifted or not at the end of the class and the degree of concentration of the students)

A: Fire is also the intention. It is located in the belly in general (but it must not tell you anything like that haha I try to translate it by feeling). It is what makes the body get up in the morning, that we take decisions in alignment with our convictions etc.

Q: Intention, in the sense of the energy that would be at the base of all creation ? I have a book called The Power of Intention.

A: Mm yes and no. Don't worry about this fire term. Let's say that a person who has never experienced subtle introspective practices will experience it through the body heating, the effort. For his intention is only directed to the action, the body as appearance. What this means is more subtle but like all subtle things (watch out for my teacher's saying): it is better to experience it to explore it. Words are limited and unsatisfactory. Internal understanding through integration and experience is a whole other "level" of understanding. Practice offers this.


- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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