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What is the story of The Game ? - synopsis

Updated: May 17, 2022

As I was sharing it on the Lifexploratrice page The Game is a game of realizations on a human scale.

It invites you to engage in an adventure so that you can discover amazing things about yourself.

It explains the whole process.

The beginning and the end of it

With the help of a metaphorical illustration,

The Game.

To get into the game, you have to realize you're already in it.

The narrative

Now, let's learn more about The Game.

We are in the universe. Here you are with a group of Presences in front of two guides. They tell you about The Game. They (pronoun not gendered) explain you the context. However they remain very vague. The course of The Game is not clear. Only a few elements are specified.

In the videos made available to you on the Youtube Lifexploratrice channel, you meet one of these guides in human form (it is a simple projection of your mind and not its real appearance).

Let's go back to the scene where you are in the universe in front of the two guides.

They begin their explanations:

"This is an epic game. Awesome and extraordinary. The technology used is state-of-the-art. A super mega trip. To play it, the souls, including yours, must pass in front of us (the 2 guides).

This game is governed by laws that are as yet unknown to you. Among other things, you will discover the concept of paradoxes. We are two specific guides. We allow souls like you to get to the most advanced, interesting and exciting part of the game, which is the ability to play through a character."

They make you realize what a powerful trip they are giving you.

They go on to say, "There's no selection process to join The Game. At least not that it is possible for us to reveal you. However, in order to win some qualities are required. These are not rules. There are scenarios where The Game can be won in contexts that we cannot, again, reveal to you. But don't count on it. Thus, some of the qualities you will need to call upon are: curiosity, courage, openness, being driven by a deep desire, excitement, and observation.

By openness, we mean being open to various perceptions, understandings, your environment and its components.

It will be crucial to realize the intuition or lucidity that everything you want to know about The Game, how to pass all the levels for example, is accessible only in you and only in you.

Exploration is crucial.

This game has been created so that you will have no memory of agreeing to play it, nor of this discussion. You will be completely immersed. (as long as you're not in the game you are asexual by default).

Besides, you'll be left to your own abilities.

The more levels you increase, the more you will realize that no tool or discovery offered by The Game interface will allow you to win. Only you can do it.

Finally, we want to warn you... there is a risk. This risk is not insignificant... It will be highly possible that you will die during the game. We cannot explain to you exactly what this is all about. You will find out for yourself depending on how far along you will play.

Moreover, once you are sent to The Game, there is no turning back. At least not until you win it.

We will appear when necessary to help you. (notably through videos from the Youtube, articles... but not only).

You can trust us. It's worth the risk ;)

Presentation 2 in English :

Presentation 3 in english :

The Game : when you agree to play

You're going to be assigned to a character. It will be composed of a body that will shelter you. It is highly probable that this envelope will be imprinted with past memories (psychic and bodily).

First, you will have to learn to play with your abilities and sensitivities. It is up to you to see whether you use them or not.

We remind you that you will be alone at the controls and that you will have no memory of our present discussion. You will not remember that you are not the character in the game. You will forget that the only way out of The Game is to win it.

The levels are very subtle. You won't always (or even rarely) be told what level you are on. However, you will have clues at your disposal at all times.

In this first level the sensations of pleasure and pain will be very accentuated. They will take up a lot of space. Everything will be incredibly intense. Very soon you will identify with thoughts, memories and the game environment.

Your first mission: Awareness of thoughts.

Are thoughts reality? Are they you? Do they exist independently of your being? Are there thoughts and then you or you and then thoughts? etc.

Moreover, as soon as you integrate, the concept of death will be totally unknown to you. In fact, it will be impossible for you to die as you think death is.

Until the next guidance ... have fun!

But remember,

Be Alert

Nice exploring,

One with breath,

See you soon

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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