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What is reality?

Updated: May 17, 2022

The last trip to the ExPerImEntAL lab gave rise to a spark of expression on creation. I propose you to take off from the artist's studio to discover an imaginary and, eventually, real world * for some.

-Open parenthesis

Imagination, or thoughts, can precede acts, as well as sometimes succeed them. From the moment they are always there, without being you (non-identification), the relationship you have with them** and the attention you bring to them, to some more than to others, impacts your reality, in a more or less observable way, through the manifestation of Life and action.

Closed parenthesis-

Sitting in the studio, looking at the watercolor drawing, you close your pretty eyes.

After an internal scan and a smile at the expanse of life you are finally ready for the Adventure.

Here you are, crossing the tunnel: (English pronunciation ->) "Mind-Instant". It is then that, in spite of all your efforts of concentration, you do not manage to distinguish the end of it.

"Damn, we're going into the uncertain".

Total black

You make circles with your head (yolo) to distinguish something concrete. But nothing.

This is a new situation. You used to just go through the white tunnel and pass the portal. But here there is no portal in sight. Then you notice that this tunnel is not a tunnel.

In fact, you can't distinguish anything anymore. A void and a full. An indescribable color, a sensation never known before. It's a bit like being in a totally black room.

I insist on the word TOTAL.

It is then that you hear voices in the background but distinct. They recommend you to wake up and join them in their reality. Spontaneously (happy to have voices to interact with) you ask them, "Do you know what's in here?" They laugh in your face. You have the feeling that you are being stared at. Then they say, "What are you talking about, buddy? You refocus your attention on your feelings. "I don't know. I don't see anything and yet I am". They sigh. "Close your eyes. Trust us. We know. It's just a delusion okay. Come with us. You are sure to survive here. Just follow the program. Come on! We feel sorry for you. (Re)Come to THE reality. It's easy, there are rules, codes and well-defined paths. We could talk about it for hours. As the voices become more and more insistent and threatening you decide (via the subconscious) to stop interacting with them.

At this point, these are the thoughts in your conscious mind: "I would like to explore. I would also like to venture into this part of reality. Indeed all these events, the voices, the world they evoke, and this place of total darkness are part of what I perceive as real. On the other hand they speak to me of (Re)coming into this world. I know it a little bit indeed. Everyone thinks they are living THE reality, or at least they think they are. However, I was never fully there. One day I will return. Not now. How can they ignore this complete darkness? I am curious. Let's stay there.

All of a sudden, nothing.

The thoughts you don't hear anymore, the voices, the atmosphere of total darkness... everything disappears, melts away.

daaamn qu'on est bien

A wind of sweetness runs through every cell of your body. Around you, gigantic trees seem to greet you. The leaves dance to the rhythm of the wind. You feel and see all nature breathing, colors shimmering, consciousness vibrating. It is as if your eyes allow you to access, at the same time, a global and microscopic view. Slowly you move forward playing with the green moss.

"Aiiiiii!". Your foot hits what seems, at first sight, to be a big rock.

But no. It's a house, hobbit style, covered with green moss. (If you are curious to see what the house looks like, this - and if you don't know what to do with your money or your hands, don't hesitate to build one or two of them so that we can go live there. It will be the pilgrimage place of the consciousness - material portal style. Hahaha).

It is then that you see a silhouette of a sparkling white dancing under the waterfall. Amazed you approach it and suddenly....

Hey hey hey ready for another trip? Is the encounter with this figure a sign of a new portal?



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* I consider, here, the word "real" allowing to realize a distinction between the world of the thoughts/imaginary of the daily life to which we identify ourselves, for the most part, (generalization to be taken with tongs, I did not look for figures) and that-of the action and the Life. - It is perhaps still a little vague. One day I will explain these perceptions in more detail.

-There are several layers of thaughts, perceptions that live in the same time...

** Same here: there are many nuances. For example: are the thoughts different? Do I have a relationship with them or not? Do I have a free will towards it? And so on. There are some elements of answer that I could expose. One day. Anyway, conclusion: don't stop at what I write.

Tip: read something without putting your judgment, opinion, analysis on it. With a total openness, curiosity, humility. Then, at the end of your reading, trust your brain to come up with the most rational analysis you can think of in your subconscious. This trick will be of great use to you to be OP to discover fully.

***As always, the use of possessives = identification concerns. Not scientific at all.

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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