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"What is mindfulness?"

Updated: May 17, 2022

This week, someone sent me this message, "What is mindfulness?"

Not knowing what to answer, given that it's about approaching life in a certain way and that my knowledge and degrees of awareness are what they are, I replied by stating the practices I implement on a daily basis. The main ones are meditation (30 minutes), yoga and mindfulness throughout the day.

Meditation: a reconnection with the NOW

Let me explain:

As far as meditation is concerned it is an exercise. I set an alarm, sit cross-legged, close my eyes, take an inhalation, exhalation and stand up straight. I retrace the path of the air as I inhale. This way I can make sure that it flows properly from the lower back to the top of the head. Then the exercise consists in realizing that I am going away (in the sense of distraction) in the thoughts and at this moment it is a question of refocusing me on the sensations related to the breathing (the path of the air in the nose, through the rib cage and so on- knowing that I intellectualize here but it is a question of paying attention to the sensations not of describing them). In post 2. How to live differently I illustrate this exercise with a river that we would observe, without any intervention on our part. That's about it in theory. To learn more I invite you to try it out if you are interested in this subject. You can test it for 5 minutes. Then 5 minutes every day, and then 10, 20, 30 minutes for example - whatever you choose, regularity is the key =) There are several meditation exercises. This one gives a good basis.

What changes have you observed?

You become aware of the constant flow of thoughts. After a while you can even become aware of how it is fed. You become aware of all the things that influence you (ads, exchanges, movies, music,...). You become aware of how these thoughts impact the realization of your life (choices, reactions,..).

Then the idea is to take a step back and not to focus on the thoughts that are, in any case, there. Indeed, you realize that you often live through them, that you think they are yours and as being you.

Moreover, you acquire a malleability according to what you wish to put your attention on, i.e. what you value. You can thus create, more and more, your reality. Indeed, from the moment you perceive what influences the thoughts, and how they impact your reality, it only remains for you to be an actor and to use this process according to how you wish to live (not materially 'course).

Your concentration increases. You take a step back on your emotions generated by these same thoughts, the "external" events that you observe as when you contemplate the breath and so on. In short you are more attentive to the process of life.

For the little personal story

There are meditation centers. They offer a teaching of this exercise at its source. For 10 days you meditate hard. 10 days with yourself. I won't go into detail about this service. (same if you are interested in mp hahaha) A close person is going there for 10 days now. I will wait for her return =) I'll try it anyway. Then I will be more comfortable to explain this practice.

The origin of my motivation corresponds to a search for the authentic self, if I may say so. I aspire to participate in a well-being around me. However, thoughts, actions, words used in any way without understanding, knowledge (not intellectual) of who I am do not create a serene atmosphere, and of joy.

Apply mindfulness throughout the day

As far as mindfulness in daily life is concerned, it consists in carrying out the same exercise (of meditation-breathing) throughout the day =) As soon as I observe that I get lost in thoughts instead of Being, I come back to the sensations of the breath.


I already talked to you about yoga in article 3. I want to live differently. I have started the 31 Days Revolution with Adrienne. I am already seeing some interesting changes. I'll report back one of these days =)

So much for this week,

I send you big kisses,

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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