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What difference does it make to work for a job that animates you ? #yoga

Updated: May 17, 2022

This article is written in response to the theme: What are the lessons learned in creating a project?

Last time, I shared with you an overview of the list of life lessons offered by project creation. Now, let's look at the first point.

I quote: one acquires "a better understanding of what is meant by : "an entrepreneur works day and night. No more weekends, no more holidays"".

The first time I was told this belief, because yes it is a belief, I had visualized it as a person working nonstop, neglecting her/his relationships, human encounters, tense, anxious, stressed, addicted to work.

I was studying for my Master's degree in Economics at the time. The professor added that: "Many business owners fall into depression if they fail and have very little time to spend with their friends and family".

Needless to say, the image was rather grey and unenviable.

During this year of creation of the Lifexploratrice project I discovered that this was not quite correct. Each person experiences things in a unique way. And each person chooses to interpret them as they want to.

I have also noticed the difference in experience when one embarks on a project out of passion, resonance or economic strategy, fashion effect. I have never shared this on social networks or on the main blog but this exploration is so natural, so formless, out of time, that if tomorrow we stop calling it Yoga to call it something else it won't affect me. In the sense that I am happy to have this term, this science that puts words and methods on the impalpable, the indescribable. The way it is called does not really matter to me in reality.

Anyway, anyway... Let's get back to the point.

Lifexploratrice is not strategic thinking. I will illustrate it as the continuity of my arm. Then I will associate it with a vision, then I will think about its shape. This project did not start from "ah Yoga is trendy, then flowed from an interest in the discipline of Yoga, and finally from the creation of a project". No, it was more in the following order: "an intense introspection through personal development, existential reflections over 7 years, then the practice of transformative methods (I am thinking particularly of meditation complemented by yogic logic and others) and finally an obvious dedication to this field.

I confess that I hesitated between monk, Hermit yogi and the creation of Lifexploratrice. I explored this and discovered my desire to combine the two with a certain inclination for the project.

I could not leave to live as a hermit without sharing that it is not necessary to make this choice in order to achieve what one wishes, to live as one wishes, to integrate and emanate one's full potential, that there is a freedom that is not evoked by society, that reality is not what we think, that we are not what we think...(literally).

So yes, I work every day, including weekends. I don't count my hours. The idea of counting them didn't even occur to me. I love what I do and above all my fuel is a passion, a love for life, an alignment, a vision. The power to give shape to that, to play the way you want to play is something incredible.

I am master of my time. I take breaks whenever I want. This allows me to work from 8-9am to 9pm. During the day I will have worked on the computer but also practiced my hours of meditation and body yoga. I can see a friend without remorse because I know that I will work on weekends or whenever I want. I can judge that. I feel good and happy.

This is not insignificant. This freedom changes everything. It is at this moment that we reconfirm the fact that our pain does not come from our rhythm of work but from our alignment with it. We will have the opportunity to explore this subject in next... I was going to say episodes.



- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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