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We are not free

Updated: May 17, 2022

Cry for freedom.

We are not free.

We will die very sadly if we do not realize this.

That freedom has very little to do with the political regime of a country.

But that everything begins and ends with the individual.

That's enough.

Enough of these fear-filled beliefs.


Let us all wake up.

Let's take back our daily responsibility.

Let's take back our lives.

Let's realize who we are.

Fucking creators.

We suffer so much. It's not possible anymore. It's not acceptable anymore.

Blind to our potential.

Prisoners of fears.

We must accept that we do not exist as we think.

Because then, we kill ourselves.

Let's wake up!

We are not our names, we are not our memories, we do not have parents, brothers and sisters, we do not have friends, we do not have a body separated from the rest, we are not thoughts Oh how attractive! We are nothing that we can imagine, conceptualize. Nothing that nobody could tell us. Nothing that we have been able to tell ourselves. We are not fear. Fear is not us.

It's time we all realize our potential!

We are not people!

Nothing that can be named or described by words can be you!

It is so obvious though!

How can it be you and at the same time separate from you to say that it is you?

Who says I am this?

Who says I am that?

Free yourself, surrender to the unknown, abandon your preconceptions.

Trust, have faith in your intuition.

How can words know what is possible and impossible?

How can others than you know it?

Explain to me because I don't see.

It is simply irrational.

Blind to creation.

Take off your black-tinted glasses!

And bathe in joy, peace and infinite love.

Regain your sight, regain your faith, regain who you are.

It is now.



Yoga is about self-inquiry, discovering what we are not, deconstructing reality, growing in consciousness.

We begin by recognizing the flow of thoughts, or of our suffering. We understand that everything is in our hands, that what we are looking for is already within us, but we have to accept it and surrender to it.

To do this, we detach our attention from our thoughts. Because, from these thoughts, limiting beliefs arise.

Hypnotized by them, we are convinced that we live and know what is real.

However, all that we perceive of it is only thoughts.

Our personal world

By building our reality on and from thoughts, we build a dream, our own Dream*, our own world, maintaining more or less certain beliefs. It can be a question of believing that "I am this, this is me, this is mine, this is yours".

We start by becoming aware of the impact of our thoughts on our life. We realize that, knowing nothing else than these thoughts, they affect our perception of ourselves, of life but also of our whole Dream.

In Yoga, all this has been known for thousands of years - by shamans and other traditions as well. All these phenomena, this understanding, clarity and clairvoyance are known.

It is an integral science. A science that experiences what it says and allows others to do the same. Thus, the word science no longer has the same meaning. It is not a question of trying to understand the living with the help of the outside (tools, definitions, concepts taken for granted). It is a science through the subtle. A kind of energy that could make you travel in all the dimensions of reality desired and beyond.

Do you understand my enthusiasm? Do you see how we are touching something essential?

Ready for the exploration

The clearer this becomes, the more you get to a place where it is difficult to use words. Words limit.

Let's imagine that we have been locked in a movie theater all our life. From the moment we wonder about the reality of this film, from the moment we realize that we are not living the film but watching it on our cinema seat, from the moment we leave the room for the first time in 40 years... imagine the grandiose discovery!

But here are the habits come back, we are attached to this cinema. Then we find ourselves sitting in it, sometimes falling back in the illusion that we are in the movie but with new scenarios. The latter, talk about their own existence, tell you to get out of it, that all this is only illusion, the characters are frustrated, you know, you are out, you know that all this is not you, is not Reality. The film has become more conscious, more worked. It becomes easier and easier to resume your seat in the room, to find peace and serenity. As for leaving the room, it is not something you control. It requires you to be ready to leave the room. Then, mature, you can bathe in infinite love. Here awake, words will be perceived as clouds, or flowers among flowers, whatever, they are and that's all. You ARE.

You understand that we are a Whole. That there is no us. But only One.

You understand that reality is infinite.

At that moment, you are no longer a person but the essence of creation. Nothing can express that.

In short.

Life a learning process ?

It is interesting to note that Life itself represents this process. One learns, discovers, builds, questions etc. At each infinite moment (present) all the dimensions mentioned above are. This is the most disconcerting, and the funniest (depending on how you look at it). Every moment everything is realized, and nothing is realized. Every moment is divine, and contains what you are looking for. Surrendering to what is, accepting that our thoughts die, accepting defeat, accepting that we try to cling to the air instead of floating, floating...

Can we consciously create our own reality ?

Finally, when it is written "We are not our names, we are not our memories, we do not have parents, brothers and sisters, we do not have friends, we do not have a body separated from the rest, we are not thoughts". This is the consequence of our discernment.

It is interesting to understand what is the ego to answer "we are not our names". From this clarity of mind everything else makes sense. For example, memories are derived from our creative power (we are talking here about the point of view of the film and its content - reference to the previous example). That is to say, our ability to create and live what we want in the moment.

There is what Is, and what I add to what Is (this is a way to illustrate it).

It is up to us to choose to affirm in the moment the thought: "when I was young it was different".

This thought has no reality in the present moment.

Moreover, convinced that it is a reality and not a thought, we are no longer conscious of what is, we are no longer lucid, pragmatic and detached.

It is from this observation that the importance given to the word stems.

What we say to ourselves and to others corresponds to a creative energy.

In short (I could write a novel on all these subjects)

My sister has just passed and read the sentence we are dissecting: and says to me "We are nothing then! ".

Perfect transition

At what point are we supposed to investigate?

"We don't have parents, brothers and sisters, we don't have friends, we don't have a body separated from the rest, we are not thoughts."

In order to understand this, let us beware of the importance we give to words, let us remember that; words = duality, if approached with the help of intellectuality.

Let's try to perceive what they communicate in a more subtle way.

It is a question of becoming aware that all that is defined and translated in the form of a concept (father, mother, sister, brother, friends) is not what Is but results from our effort and belief in these concepts.

This sentence leads us to wonder: what do I conceive as mother, father etc? Wouldn't it be a collection of memories, of organized thoughts? Can I see that I can call my mother, "mother" by believing in this concept or can I call her that and be aware that what I thought was my mother is only my memories and thoughts projected on her? If so, am I then able to see my mother as she is now? Love and energy?

In short

(alien, here I am)

Who are we then?

That is what it is all about.

I cannot tell you who you are.

I can tell you: trust that there is more, but it is up to you to discover it for yourself. It is up to you if you decide not to take anything for granted, to listen with an interested, detached ear and then to make your own experience

Beautiful investigation to you.

I love you

* If you are interested in the concept of Personal Dreaming, I invite you to read The 4 Toltec Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

See you next time

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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