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Unconventional approach

Updated: May 17, 2022

🪔 When something is expected from you, a way of being, acting, doing, a certainty coming from fear to how to succeed, live, conditions to be accepted and love, and you look at it straight in the eyes, smile, live, act, do, and think how the h*** you want and believe from your intuition, that's, an unconventional approach.

✨ When even though everyone seem to tell you that you are not gonna succeed, be happy, be interesting, competent, intelligent, worthy of love, live life fully if you do not match their box, you choose consciously and with purpose, clarity to say NO.

NO that is not how I will live.

That is not my approach, understanding of life. I put my trust in its arms beyond fears. I put my heart and beliefs in the hands of abundance. Trusting and letting go. At various degrees (it's okay).

☄️🤭 So,

I am maybe not flexible, old, famous enough, for conventions to teach Asanas, or dress, put make up on, shave as it is expected to, because Asanas are not about performing, because I dress with what is the best for me, and I do not find fulfilment in clothes, because I accept the body how life birthed it,

I maybe haven't 40 years of experience, because I do not entertain a belief of time related to the essence of Yoga. Now is forever a portal. I have listened to discoveries and guidances to teach, now.

Life is short my friend, no time for limitations, and heavy beliefs, no time for time basically hahaha.

Be bold.

🌬️You will be surprised by how unrigid are in fact conventions, as unrigid as your sense of me and you.

🙏 Even though sometimes you will maybe put attention on thoughts of doubts, fear, concerned... it is worth it.

And you know it.


- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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