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The Origin of Yoga

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Far from the search to know how to do this or that posture, to master this or that breathing method, to know this or that text, Yoga seems to slip under the fingers of its connoisseurs and non connoisseurs.

Far from being a dogma, an ideology, a lifestyle, Yoga seems to be hidden under the sheets of thoughts and perceptions.

And yet the term Yoga invites us to reconnect with what is already there.

By approaching it as a practice to be mastered, as a discipline, as a lifestyle, we simply replace previous beliefs with new ones.

Our understanding of reality remains the same. Only our vocabulary, the concepts used, the desires change.

We don't talk about politics anymore but about collective consciousness, we don't talk about history but about transcendence of consciousness, we don't want to be a director of a big company but to be able to perform the most impressive asanas, to look like this or that Yogi master. We don't talk about difficult character anymore but about full moon, crystals, hip stretching, chakras etc.

But Yoga by its own term informs about a confusion.

The confusion of who we are.

It tells us that everything that has to do with imagination, definition, perception, delimitation, the whole story that we maintain on a daily basis about : "I am a human being. I walk. This is a building. This is a street. The sun is rising. The others are talking." is a narrative.

Who are you beyond this narrative?

Who are you really?

This is the origin of Yoga.

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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