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Observations and reflections

Updated: May 17, 2022

"I meditated for months every day. The exercise I did was to sit for 20 to 30 minutes and focus only on the breath. Thoughts-Thoughts-Breath. Through this, I became aware of thoughts throughout the day."

PS: those are frenhc poems translated in english, the melody is not the same therefor


Time is no more.

It has never been.

Even the feeling of variable time

The one we talk about most often,

At no time,

Leaves no one indifferent.


My head is pounding...

That's strange...

I had forgotten it

My head

These symptoms are not unknown to me.

As if paralyzed by the

Continuous flow.

I try to distract myself

From this precarious mental situation.

My complicit stomach

Addresses me its accomplices.

Love (everything is love but a title is practical)

Sitting on his chair

With a relaxed air,

The misty eyes

And a smile on his face.

Uncomplicated vision,

Seeing altered.

He has not yet exposed

The extent of goodness/beauty.

Sore brain

I decide to refresh myself.

A wandering soul I meet.

Merging to the sound

Of the law of attraction.

When all seemed lost,

That hope said goodbye to me,

I began to brood.

Then in an instant,

The present seemed infinitely great.

Eyes I met,

Here to confirm,

What I was feeling.

There was nothing left to do but to let go

In this universe of wonders

As if everything was taking shape

To my will.

He called out to me

With a puzzled look

Questioning the essence of my presence

Am I really from here, he said?

They became one

To provide for

For the needs of each one.


My parents pay for TV

My parents pay for movies

And the commercials are always there

It's never-ending

It clutters my future

With spending thoughts

Like a mop


To clean my mind

Of all its rotten sales.

-Modern distractions.

Welcome to my world

All that I cannot see

I can't believe.

Is this our career choice

The translation of our mission?

Where no matter what I choose

I'm guaranteed fulfillment?

Whoa! New perceptions, guys!


Will against all and for all.

Like love

I rush headlong

Full of conviction.

Rationality is no more.

I am safe.

Full of regrets.

I thought

The society created to my disadvantage.

As narrowed

In what I thought

To be

A bad spell.


I am a link



Of the greatest exception.

I come with my vision.

Something to make you shudder.

Everything I perceive

Seeks to transform me

Into a flogging being.

Until I understand

I understand


I was fooled.

The player is me.

The game is on.

All I have to do now

to face

The world of possibilities.

Given that

That tomorrow

I will die.


-Game on-


May the time of fears evaporate

And give way,

To the one known,

To be the most eccentric.

Courage! Rage!

I clothed myself with it as a prerogative

With my belly full of butterflies

And I exclaim,

Full of spittle

To the recalcitrant audience.

I want them to be attractive.

Anxious to be present.

The saving energy

Rises and falls

To no end.

A veil covers my eyes.

I revel in this new



Perfection no longer exists,

Or at least,

It is, now,


Age is like a privilege

A sign of shipwreck.

One hides there as under a camouflage.

When we wait

Our body relaxes,

While waiting,

Your mind

Is obvious.

The cold tenses my whole being.

Our thoughts knead each other


Some of them

Malice to their liking

Obsess my mind

Forming thus

More than a bubble

In which I scream.

My stomach is tight,

My thoughts are cluttered

I forget to breathe.

When the thirst takes you

The phenomenon spreads

Until it reaches your nostrils

To slip to your lips

As dry as the desert

Not to say as in hell.

A palette of essence is then born.

Sometimes I close my eyes

To close my eyes with fear.

In Salvation

There are as many tensions

As unresolved emotions.

My taste buds delight

To the taste of these fruits.

I look at the foam

Red and full of bubbles.


In the moments

When everything is in question

A glimmer of hope


-Deep sigh.

The belly cut in two.



The plane passes


Over your nose

The world

Has not stopped

To turn.

I had forgotten,

How wrong we can be

To discuss our thoughts.

Their perception and level of awareness

Varies so much

That one could be mistaken

To think they match.

It is a question of continually questioning

The meaning that each one grants them.

In order to develop

A sharpened communication.

Nourished with truths.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

As if engulfed

By my own thoughts.

Cultivating my fears

With ardor.

I must accept the nothingness, the nothingness.

I know nothing

And everything is fine.


I thought

That the words

Were there

To support me.

It turns out

That it's more complicated.

In search of comfort,

For normalcy.

I am now


Do I need to put words to who I am?

Without them, is it possible for me to grow?

So I was thinking.

Should I accept myself as I am

Without trying to evolve?

My construction is however not determined.

How is it that

That in moments of bliss

The words have no more their habits?

Must I tend towards this attitude?


Plic, Plouc, Plic


Deaf ears.

All my attention

Is at the front.

Boom Braah Prwoudoudou

I become animated and envenomed

Hide yourself

The mist smokes.

Between tears and torpor.

In moments of doubt

You must raise your eyes to the branches

Of an almost motionless tree

Observer of the outside

To find calm.

Between tears, anger and despair

I don't know where to stand.

Why is it so difficult for me

To know what I like?

For the living, non-living and in-between of this planet.

I seek to know what is my passion

Apart from living

And living better.

In the expectation of your news.


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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