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Links of the week

Updated: May 18, 2022

I share with you the links of the week, I tell my life too. Passiooonnaaant.

Am I stuck in a perception of the world that doesn't fit me?

Here's a cute video about courage and hope.

Systems are just concepts. They are tools. When the tool doesn't work for me why not change it or create another one? I ask myself why it would not be possible for me to live as it suits me? Who can say or force me to do so through fear? Me and nobody else. There is no lack of possibilities and creative abilities. I must brave my fears and believe in what is.

Come back to NOW, to the breath. Trust.

# Vulnerability me, here I am =)

With the changes of habits that I install I see less people. No more all-nighters, no more evenings dancing among cigarettes, no more desserts in restaurants, no more restaurants themselves and so on. Indeed, I consume almost nothing and make occasional the activities that I have just mentioned. Moreover, many practices can be done from home (meditation, yoga, self-education). On the other hand, I don't have the financial resources to pay and have the possibility to share (meditation workshops, yoga,..). So I make them occasional. So this video reminded me to be careful not to stay in the comfort of the small clan. If you're up for a walk in the woods, meditation, yoga, reading, walking, biking, or have a plan to teach, help people, or whatever, let me know.

Also, I really appreciate the aesthetics and pedagogy of this channel. They made a video on "Is life on Mars possible?" that I found fascinating and thought provoking.

How do trees reproduce?

This week in class (there's a lot going on during our university days) we asked ourselves (lightly, of course, but never mind, I was serious) how do trees reproduce? Are there tree seeds? Anyway, I'm sharing this video with you if you're wondering about this and, in all humility, you'd like to learn more about the subject.

An article that touched me this week:

It's a little dialogue between a human who has just died and what he discovers next: link

The Shapr application and the Ignition Program website:

Theme: Networking, friends, business, job/ internship/ volunteer/ other.

While looking for an internship I found two great platforms that are developing (so there are still bugs and they are not yet super customized but they are already super convenient).

#Shapr : It uses the same interface as Tinder for the pros (switch: like on the right, dislike on the left). The difference is that you can only switch 10 profiles per day - from memory.

#IngintionProgram: so they are great. You upload your resume then they validate it and send it to start-ups. And bingo! You receive a message in your mailbox from a start-up manager telling you that your profile interests them.

I think you've got a lot to read and watch for the next week hahaha,

Hugs and coolness,


- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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