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Is ecology a subject like any other?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

It is interesting to look at this subject that has been stygmatized, scorned and rejected by some. We can ask ourselves how we came to approach nature as something foreign, frivolous or conversely a source of anger, of judgment?

There is something for everyone in this article.

At first, we have become accustomed to approaching life, its organizational decisions through politics. "I think like them and not like them." "They are disillusioned, they have their feet on the ground, they don't know what they are doing" and blah blah blah. Cut off from what is really going on, cut off from our own reflection, cut off from our own feelings.

We talk about the mind in Yoga. (I just lost you by mentioning Yoga? Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised by what follows). To perceive life through intellectual reflection, that is to say the organization of concepts and the creation of meaning through them.

So that we find ourselves living in a world of thoughts, identifying with beliefs, opinions.

Say that we call this "having your feet on the ground", when it's about living through thoughts, isn't that a bit far-fetched?

Now where does nature, ecology comes in?

One of the characteristics of thoughts is duality. Either you are for nature or you don't care. If you think like that, then it means that you are that. If you do this, it says a lot about you etc. We identify, categorize, judge.


Nature is not just an idea, an article, a policy or a possibility. It does not depend on you thinking about it or not thinking about it! It is.

Even more, can we talk about it only as a political subject among many others, reducing it to an opinion? Aren't you yourself the latter?

Isn't your body nature? Do you think it is separate, independent from life? Don't you see that your body is part of this nature, of its dynamics? That there is no separation?

By identifying with thoughts, with the mind, we disconnect ourselves completely from who we are. We perceive life only through these thoughts. We think we are thoughts. We are then disconnected from our own body, from the understanding of who we are.

Thinking that we are not concerned by the subjects of the living, by the life that crosses us and its respect, its dynamics, is not realizing that when we evoke nature, we are not talking about something outside of ourselves but about ourselves, about the process of life, about what allows life, about its abundance, about this gift.

We wish the best to the living in all its forms not because it is fashionable or because we feel different from others but because we recognize that the planet is our body, that our body is the planet.

Harmony, alignment, gratitude.


Article written as part of @mapetiteplanète challenges


Marie Mazeau yoga teacher in Paris and abroad. Session guidance with great gentleness, mindfullness and Joy.


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