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Is unconditional peace within our grasp?

Updated: May 17, 2022

A time tea, herbal tea, water, break will be necessary to devote to this reading if you wish to immerse yourself in it. It's a text as long as...well I don't know, it's long anyway. I unveil mi corazon (heart) to you.

There might be some questions following the last video I shared with you in live this week. They are very relevant. The one that pushes me to write this message is about the possibility of unconditional peace that you think is inconceivable to you as a human being. We are also talking about transcendence. I don't know if these are things you're curious about. It is dear to my heart to let you know that these subjects are not just philosophical theories. That you can experiment and verify them, test them for yourself. It is dear to my heart to share this with you.

I have no interest in talking about theories. What's exciting about self-exploration is experimentation. Our life becomes a land of adventure and internal exploration, everything teaches us, everything is an opportunity to go further in our understanding of things, of existence. Life is no longer something that we feel we have to endure, to carry as a burden.

Moreover, the adventure does not correspond to the one sold by the media, full of adrenaline. The adventure is going into mega dark caves of fears, wounds, madness, feelings of being lost, and observing moments of joy, of being Joy, raving at the sight of the mountains, breathless, observing the miracles of nature, moments of fullness, unity, shares, transcendence. I lack the time and space to present it to you in its entirety. All its nuances, its discoveries.

I aspire to that, however. I share it with you through articles, guided meditations, Yoga sessions, The Game, Instagram's posts, Twitter. Indirectly I tell you about it, indirectly, I wish you to make these discoveries on your own. I wish from the depths of my being to show you, to remind you, how much everything you desire is very close to you, in you. That this is not theoretical bullshit. The transcendence that you think is mystical, extraterrestrial is the very basis of your existence. It's mega mega super accessible. I wish to remind you that it is a belief to think yourself as limited, a victim of habits, impulses, needs. That you are extraordinary, incredible.

Your potential is infinite. Everything you can imagine, can manifest itself. You underestimate yourself and underestimate life, infinite possibilities. Choose your beliefs carefully. Believe in the possibility of fulfillment. Believe in it. What have you got to lose? Between believing you're a victim, limited and believing in the possible, your whole life can change. It's like wanting, admiring something and saying: "ha no, I can't do that, it's not for me, it's nice but it's not possible". Imagine the difference with the person who said: "I make it my challenge. I can do it. I'm going to succeed." Who, patiently practices, dedicates all his/her attention on that challenge. Guess what? He/She has succeeded.

Transcendence is unimaginable, beyond mental comprehension. It is to be realized. I've never talked about it like this because it's a lot of concepts, you can easily get lost in it. The abstract is something I like to play with more. But I feel it can help, so here it is. I'm doing my best to share this with you, but maybe I'm not able to do so. So here are some other sources. Depending on your affinities, some will resonate, guide better than others, choose the one that will shows you that you don't need it: Mooji, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sadhguru, Yogananda, Bentinho Massaro, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle and many others.

Because at the end you don't need it. Whatever you want to know and experience, only you can do it. Meditation will open the door to your inner world, your inner guide, the world of possibilities. Moving from reflection to action. Introspective practices are determinant.

I wish I could bring to you this guidance and realisation, but maybe I'm seeing too far. I wanted to popularize all this, to show that there is no need to know or be interested in all these concepts, philosophy to explore and realize these things that everyone talk about. That it's much simpler than people would like to believe and much more intuitive. That there is no need for specific knowledge, interests, age, gender. That this exploration is already within us, in progress and that we are equipped with everything we need to immerse ourselves in it.

I'm taking the risk that you're going to unsubscribe because of the use of these weird concepts. By the way, I have plenty of them in my suitcase. I'd also like to show how it works in practice, how accessible it is and how close it is. I speak from the heart and publish this post, shut down my computer and go for a walk.


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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