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Is there a link between hormonal periods and spirituality ?

Updated: May 17, 2022

I wrote on the the periods' subject for the first time. Indeed, it is very interesting from a perspective of Self-exploration. Learning about it can help you to understand and support your loved ones if you don’t experience it, develop your compassion, empathy, towards that part of life.

We are all concerned in one way or another as we live together and wish for each other the best.

Well, what it may be nice to specify is the limit of all these societal concepts of PMS (pre-menstrual syndromes), menstruation, woman, man and so on. We try to put words into life, but life doesn’t stop at them. It doesn’t start with them and end with them. Thus, life cannot be grasped and reduced by concepts. Let’s just not forget that these are mental constructs, not definitions of reality. These are simple tools.They allow to exchange beautiful energies, to communicate, to give.

The symptoms of the menstural periods can evolve over time, as the cells of the body and our psyche die and born at every moment. Thus, our perception of reality and our experience is different for each one. I will do my best to think of everyone.

Before going any further, we might ask ourselves why this subject alone is theme of an article?

Well, it’s very simple. Let’s take the following mathematical illustration: In a year there are twelve months. 1 month is composed of about 3 to 4 weeks. Of these 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the body, a week (or a little less) is prone to PMS (or not). - PMS are physical changes and feelings that signal the arrival of the rules. Then about another week is devoted to the reception of this wonderful flow cleaner (or a little less). So in a month, we have 1 or 2 basic weeks. I’ll let you do the rest of the math.

It makes sense in this way, don’t you think? Let’s talk about this phenomenon as we have the desire to live well with others and our various experiences. The news is that it is a mega powerful tool to explore. Mega powerful because of the intensity it offers.

It is possible that our experience of the periods depends on our level of consciousness. The more we open ourselves to what is happening in us ( Self-exploration, yogic and other practices), the more we discover things that seemed to us hitherto foreign.

An unusual spiritual tool: INTENSE MOOD and acute pain.

During the days that precede menstruation and the first hormonal days it is possible that your moods are affected.

In Self-inquiry/ deconstruction of the real, one learns to observe emotions, reactions, words, thoughts with hindsight (without identification). Alert, it is thus obvious to me how hormones affect the psyche.

Let’s move on to the physical signs at the arrival of the rules - although these must also be related to exacerbated moods.

Yes, they are exacerbated.

Hormones do not create reactions but they accentuate an emotion, feeling, mental state. Thus, one can live moments of ecstasy and bliss close to spiritual awareness and conversely anger, intense sadness.

At an event where we would not have reacted from the outside (through words, gestures) we are touched in the heart. The most interesting aspect is its unfolding. It manifests itself in an extremely unconscious manner at the moment. As we have been overwhelmed by the power of the thing. It is very frustrating when one "works" through observation on a daily basis.

The discovery is how this phenomenon can make us grow power 10. Especially if we are surrounded by benevolent people, who love us and perceive us beyond our various expressions.

The key

The key lies in the spontaneity of the reaction, its innocent and unreflective character. We have the opportunity to be completely honest with ourselves/our mental state.

In addition, this conscious phenomenon allows us to develop compassion for all other reactions, emotions that could manifest through us or others on a daily basis. Indeed, we are given the opportunity to realize that we are them. Whether it is simply reactions through the body or memories (past or present life, if it resonates with you). One learns to accept and not to identify with mental states/ reactions.

So this is an incredible spiritual/self-discovery tool served on a set every month.

In addition, hormonal peaks invite to balance/ harmonies with nature. Indeed, all that has just been mentioned corresponds to surrender. One observes the expression of hormonal peaks as one would observe waves engulfing houses. Nature takes over the will to control, the grip on the mind in other words. Provided that we do not fill our fear with drugs, as news might avoid talking about this natural event. Nature reminds us that our minds, our desires for pleasure (hidden by the pursuit of well-being in our present Western societies) have no substance in the real. These are imaginations, mental perceptions, in other words, identification.

PS: This article takes the example of intense emotions mainly. However, the same observation can be made concerning acute pain (exploring this identification with the body, feelings), sexual desires (observation that they are possibilities, that we have the choice to respond to them or not), through fatigues and sleep needs as well as peaks of creativity, productivity, actions (here it consists in listening to the needs of the body and adapting our rhythm to them) and I must forget several others.

Hope this article is useful or interesting to you,

Thanks to this wonderful body,

See you next time,


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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