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Is nature everywhere?

Updated: May 17, 2022

In the article What do you do in life? I shared with you my questions about the gap between who we are and who we think we are. This distinction is not insignificant. It limits us in our actions and aspirations.

As a detective, I grab my magnifying glass and see that this subject introduces another. I think of integration, visualization, or awareness of the mega-powerful tools we have at our disposal to live, now, our deepest desires.

But you're going to cut me off at this point in the reading to say, "Yo, we said we'd talk about the materialization of this personal development, philosophical, spiritual or whatever blah blah blah!

Aaah the rambling.

My 2 months in an eco-place under construction

(it's better there, right?)

How I discovered the existence of eco-places

Motivated by my need to express myself and my desire to live life to the fullest, I began my search for an internship in nature conservation. With the help of my two legs, I go to a conference on energy autonomy. The presenter explains his background and how he came to live this way. He lives in an eco-place.

What is an eco-place?

It is, according to its description, to aim at a total autonomy of life. In short, questions such as: How to provide energy? How to heat water? How to feed oneself, and so on, are the basis of the place. My curiosity is piqued. I am all ears.

First of all, this art of resourcefulness attracts me a lot. Combining creativity, ingenuity and mutual aid, yum. I love it. Those are some pretty exciting challenges. More than that, the search for autonomy answers questions about primary human needs. Perfect. I wanted something concrete, something relevant, here it is!

It goes without saying that these questions animate all the more my thoughts and intuitions as a city girl. Material comfort pushed to our current level may be suspect. I lived with everything I needed. Drinking water (coming out of the sink, I'm not telling you the crazy thing), food to feed myself, hot water to wash myself, a bed, a roof, and human connections. I really couldn't have more than that. Already, at this stage, it is the material apotheosis.

However, strangely enough, in terms of autonomy, it is not. The knowledge of how to get by flies over my head. So, hearing this speech, I thought it would be just natural and necessary to look into the concept. Plus, I had a deep desire to reconnect with a healthier environment. In short. The eco-places answered part of my inner search.

-"Waste" is opportunity. I recycle insta photos by educating you on permaculture. Isn't that beautiful!

What this experience revealed to me

So I go to a family in the mountains. The sun is in full swing. I am apprehensive about working in this heat. I would later learn that in big cities, the air is hard to breathe and heavy in sunny weather. This is due to the pollution. In the mountains, it is much more livable.

Nature a lover, a mother, a place to return to oneself (meditative)

My observations:

- the city environment had undermined my way of being. Without, of course, modifying my essence - impermeable to material reality.

- Nature has sent me back a part of my wisdom on:

  • the notion of time constructed and considered as truth in the city life without judgment, without the same use of our thoughts, adaptation and acceptance of what is.

  • the beauty of all these energy flows. Pouaaa this beautyééé. The stars by thousands*, the sun setting, the morning rays that draw the forest

  • surrounding sounds (very noisy nature), the water which lights up in contact with the sun. Water river of life. The fresh air. The night.

* it is for the rhyme

I was at home. My body was where it belonged. I observed it to be as comfortable and serene as in meditation. Nature in this form, (we come to the title) is my home. Everything is already there. My instincts are awake, my way of acting surprises me. So natural in this unfamiliar environment.

The fact is that nature is everywhere. Everything is nature. The city, the buildings, the cars, the stores - all of this is nature. However, its form changes.

This observation is very important.

At present, we are aware of too little about ourselves. I think, here, about our psyche, who we are, and why we are here. The city environment is not conducive to these discoveries. We are surrounded by distracting sounds (whether we are aware of them or not, our bodies pick up the information), waves and beliefs around the rational thought system.

All this directs our attention to the "outside", that is, the material experience as a whole, instead of directing it to our source, our "inside". This indescribable thing that we explore in meditation in particular.

Each of us, in this experience, would have a life purpose. This concept does not correspond to the one we are taught at school. It is simply the expression of life, of our being, which is unique and individual. Thus, there is no right or wrong way. There is just you living, and getting closer and closer to who you are. And this "path", this "life", or even this intention, is only an expression of life.

Now we will seek to know ourselves, we will redirect our attention to our inner self, to discover incredible perceptions and knowledge "within reach of the psyche".

Meditation is the most effective educational tool I have ever tried. There are others.

At that point, everyone will be ok, not to say in bliss, with life. Everything will be fine. A materialization will follow, whether we like it or not. It is the expression of life, of you, the paintbrush, that reconnects with the painter.

In this way, the specialization is not an ex-ante intention, but an observation, in-fine. The flow of life will be maintained and cherished with love. Since each of us, being one with our being, can only express this love. We embody it. Let's reconnect with it.

In conclusion, I have rediscovered my deep love for the process of life and this wonderful earth. This incredible experience is ours and that of all these elements. We are the same, as one, marveling at what the world is.

I hope I have aroused your curiosity.

I send you a huge hug,

Cloud of kisses,

Thank you

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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