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Is life an illusion?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Tintintintiin tintin

Illusion: False perception, judgment, opinion, misleading appearance, outside of reality. (french dictionary L'internaute)

What is perceived is not false, is not misleading in appearance, and is not outside reality. However, there is indeed an erroneous judgment on our part about what reality is. The most important of all time.

Most of the world does not perceive reality.

Yas, yas.

Politicians, people you admire, thinkers, people you trust about how your life unfolds (parents, systems...) and what you consider to be you, are most likely in delusion, thinking that what is perceived, believed, thought, reflected, emotions are reality.

I wrote a great article in french on this subject which I invite you to read it if you can (I will translate it to you in the next days): Revolution

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It's like each of us is living under constant hypnosis. It becomes lighter in dreams but is very present there too.

I will dedicate a video or an article to the subject of night dreams.

In order to realize and get out of the hypnosis (it is a self-hypnosis by the way) consider what is seen and thought as a dream allows you to open your senses (your subtle energy more precisely - if that doesn't speak to you no worry) on something else, on what exists outside the hypnosis while including it. We no longer pause so much our attention on events, thoughts in order to discover the other side of the scene, to realize it. It is one method among others (I will come back to this perspective in the rest of the article).

So, no reality, fundamentally, is not an illusion because it includes the illusion, and the essence of everything. And at the same time yes reality as you now perceive it, by thinking it is limited and defined by rules, possibilities and impossibilities, delimitations, I, others, is illusion.

It is an illusion to think that life is reduced to that, that you are thoughts, a story, errors, ambitions, habits, preferences, an appearance, a body...

This has very profound implications. On a societal level we would be trying to solve problems, to reach goals without realizing that they are based on misunderstandings of what life is and who we are. The societal plan/dimension is only a concept reflecting our "individual" relationship and realisation of reality (beyond the self-hypnosis).

To conclude, (uh I warn you this is a rather developed conclusion haha) the layers of reality are subtle, the reality itself lies beyond them.

Infinite degrees and nuances.

Illusion...visual? existential? Is being an illusion? Is my work an illusion? Are my friends, family, nature an illusion? Is everything an illusion?

1. If it is affirmed :

Who affirms that? If everything is illusion the very person who says it is illusion. In this case, what is the point of saying that everything is an illusion (in the case of thinking it is a belief, trying to impose it on other)? When "reality is an illusion" is defined as a belief one tends to use it to escape, to deny. It's quite subtle, it's up to you to notice if this is your case or not. Beware of mental traps. (an article/video on that would be cool too)

2. "Reality is illusion", a set of concepts.

These quickly turn into beliefs if you adopt them. However, trying to define and understand reality through concepts can be a tool to realize it but does not reflect reality itself. By understanding this, you offer yourself the possibility to choose where to put your attention. You can use it at any time: what is perceived is not reality, but points to what exists beyond mental understanding.

3. Reality has no qualifying adjective. It Is. Only you, through your exploration, internalization, can find the answers to your existential questions. Any other help is just pointing fingers. Only you can realize, confirm or not the suggestions proposed. For this, you use different perspectives and apply them, test and observe them.

I hope this article is not too heavy and still understandable.

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