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Introduction to meditation

Updated: May 17, 2022

In the article I want To live differently I talk about the importance, for me, of knowing who I am. Let's admit that the answer to this last question is not obvious and that its very existence is debatable. Whatsoeveeer! Going out to discover it animates me. Hot for an adventure through the vortexes of the senses and the pysche? Oh Yeaah!

So, welcome to the "I want to live differently" series. Today I propose you a small interview among my perceptions.

To make it more interesting, let's imagine a scene. Are you ready to take off through your imagination? Here we go!

Cliing! Opening of the doors - the scene:

Hot and bothered, we find ourselves in date mode, sitting on the banks of the Seine. -Don't ask me why a date, it's what comes to me. Moreover, to think about it it is too not the good plan. I think it's so crazy, the lights on the water, the buildings crackling with light, the moon in the sky, the subway passing over the bridge, the reflections of the sun, the clouds, the wind caressing you... - I'm losing you here? Hold on!

It is going to end in me preferring to contemplate and feel all this rather than exchange words.

New frame*:Turlututu! So we will instead find ourselves sitting on the grass in a park-(scene change).

Imagine le parc comme tu veux

Are you still following me?

I'm going to start. So I'm Marie. At least that's what they call me. In fact, I think of it as a name given to something indefinable, something changing. Everyone has a different idea of who Mary is. So I prefer to let you see what you want to see. From my side, everything changes. Nothing is constant both inside and outside of me.

When I realized that everything was changing all the time, that Mary didn't mean anything in particular, I realized that I could be many things, do many things, and that nothing in me was defined. I concluded that you can choose in what you want to believe and how you react to certain events inside and outside the body.

Okay. But Mary is your identity, right? You do have a history, an experience from which you can determine who you are?

No past, no future. What is the past? A concept, no? Only my memory remains, and this one is not reliable**. Should I define myself from my memory? But this last one informs me on what does not exist any more in itself. Should I define myself? Who wants to define himself? Who is this Who? (I tried to contain the brain flow but let it go, even I am suffocating). In the same way my future does not exist. Here, now, I can talk about the future, anticipate, plan but it remains in my imagination. How can I associate who I am with my imagination? Who imagines? OK. You have understood the movement. I want to feel, and live in the present moment in consciousness. NOW. When I experience NOW there is no conscious analysis to do. Everything is done. (trusting my brain, and everything that is) Everything is. I just live. (That's the ideal hahaha)

But the craziest thing is that I'm not sure of anything. Because all this intellectual flow is just wind. I wish more and more to give up its conscious maintenance to live fully the emotions, the sensations, and observe: experimenteeer bae.

Now, Now , NOw.. WTF IS THAT? Hi hi. I'm going to try to make you experience it with the idea that at best you can wink at it. So I decide to throw something like: "Let's do an exercise together" (it's weird but said with such a kindness and love that it's really good).

Note: Update of the date: the feeling goes very well between us two. It's the apotheosis. Mouahaha.

Okay, so we're settled. Slowly you close your eyes. Turn all your attention to your body, and the things you can feel inside it. Like right now, I feel that on the right side of my stomach it's throbbing and tense. Likewise my shoulders are tight, my jaw is tight, my eyebrows are tight... While doing this I become aware of my breathing. I had never felt it like that! I continue to scan everything as long as necessary. Observe. Even the yucky stuff. Face them. Like: Hey you the contracted I'm looking you right in the eye. OKAY? Now what?

Then you can feel the touch of your body on the grass, the smells. You pay attention to the sounds in their entirety. That is, without creating an image/scene in your head. They are just noises. Likewise, your thoughts may be there. They are part of the background. Accept them and come back to your breathing. Look at it like when you are looking down from a nice bridge at the fish swimming along the river. You observe without intervening. In the same way, you feel the river of air caressing the inside of your nostrils, your neck,... It is fascinating. The body does this, all by itself, non-stop. All these feelings are available to you at any time. What I do now is lean over this river and look at it instead of crossing the bridge like I do every day. All this works without my intervention. Waaaaaa! Dope. It's like contemplating a painting in detail!

PINPON "PARK CLOSURE. Please decamp you geneezzz. "

We open our surprised eyes, smiling at this lovely indoor adventure.

-----------------------------The End----------------------------



- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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